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CDM Platform 4.7 (scheduled for April 24th, 2017)

What will be new?

CDM Platform 4.6 (scheduled for March 13th, 2017)

What's new?

  • General / Model

    • Full migration to Java 8
    • Improved import functionality for IPNI Names (not yet available in TaxEditor)
    • Improved handling for intext references (references within a text) including support for deduplication (intext references are not yet editable in TaxEditor or visible in DataPortal)
    • Bugfix in permission handling for rights and roles
    • Prepare for simplifying names module
    • Formatting
      • Specimen: Use barcode or catalogue number if accession number is not available
      • References:
      • #5834
      • #6449 References with protected titleCache
      • #3532 Nomenclatural reference null for database
  • CDM Server

    • Improved caching for multiple instances
    • Improved authentication / security
  • DataPortal

    • Authentication for triggering freetext index creation
    • Bugs:
      • Wildcard search in advanced search #6354
      • Missing data of marked descriptions
      • "Usage" data not shown anymore
    • Remove "sensu" from misapplication footnotes
    • Formatting:
      • Improved formatting for media data
  • TaxEditor

    • Main menu
      • Move user and user groups to Admin menu
      • Move Specimen hierarchy editor to (bulk) editor menu
    • Selection dialogs
      • Restrict selections of in-references to the respective reference type
    • Referencing objects view
      • Improved performance and loading in background
      • Fixed some bugs throwing exceptions
    • Taxon navigator
      • Set secundum for subtree (including synonyms)
    • Specimen editor:
      • Improved performance for counting results
      • Improved labeling if some data is missing
    • Rights (e.g. copyright) implemented as reusable record
    • Improved Internationalization
      • More terms/sentences translated to German
      • Preparation for Spanish translation
    • Improved handling for protected caches
    • Parser improvements
      • Names
      • Coordinates
        • lat/long with English apostrophs
    • Bugs
      • Exceptions after changing password
      • Field unit title cache not filled correctly #4390
      • Exceptions when deleting misapplications
      • Exceptions when entering dates and altitudes
      • Exceptions when deleting empty name in name editor
      • Exceptions when adding types to a taxon name
      • Exceptions when deleting persons/teams
      • Exceptions in datasource view
      • Exceptions when deleting recently created media
      • Exceptions when editing rights for a user group
      • Avoid creation of dummy terms
    • #6408 NPE in AbcdParseUtility
  • Web Editor

    • New architecture for future developments

# Subject Status
  cdmadapter 1 Collapse all/Expand all
6440Improve IPNI Name ServiceClosed
  cdmlib 31 Collapse all/Expand all
6496Pages not shown in biblographic reference of articlesClosed
6459Implement deduplication for IntextReferencesClosed
6439Add (Heft xxx) as part of volume to name parserClosed
6419CdmApplicationDefaultConfiguration should be named CdmRepositoryClosed
6405CdmPermissionVoter handles merged and separate CdmAuthorities the sameClosed
6381Specimen titleCache should include barcode or catalogue number if accession number not existsClosed
6369Create interfaces for TaxonName typesClosed
6366Merge cultivar names into TaxonNameBaseClosed
6365Merge botanical and zoological names into TaxonNameBaseClosed
6364Merge viral names and bacterial names into TaxonNameBaseClosed
6363Implement validation rules for all names according to their codeClosed
6362Remove occurrence of NonViralName in codeClosed
6360Move NonViralName functionality to TaxonNameBaseClosed
6359Remaining issues secundum for subtreesNew
6354Advanced search: non phrase search with wildcard broken Resolved
6311Refactor IdentifiableEntity.compareTo methodRejected
6276Nonemclatural references show parsed date string instead of publication year New
6240maven javadoc plugin fails with java 1.8Resolved
6111invalid SQL (MySQLSyntaxErrorException) during call to CdmEntityDaoBase.list()Resolved
6100Name parser problemsIn Progress
6076Specimen search should work on observationsResolved
5983Better parsing of hybrid namesClosed
5924Change password leads to bad credentialsClosed
5848Problem with writing ehCache folder on network drive using UNC path (net.sf.ehcache.CacheException)Feedback
5834Show volume etc. for generic referencesClosed
5554Allow parsing of lat/long with different minute/second charactersClosed
4817German translation for term typesNew
4390Titlecache of field unit does not update when changing field unit data via derived unit facadeClosed
4232Check all Comparators for fulfilling the Comparator contractClosed
2501Remove redundant SDD import classClosed
922Implement compareTo method in IdentifiableEntity properlyClosed
  cdmlib-remote 3 Collapse all/Expand all
6398portal/taxon/{uuid}/descriptions.json with markerType-filter returns no dataClosed
6393manage/* web service can be used by ajax requestsClosed
2939ehcache diskStore conflict?Closed
  dataportal 8 Collapse all/Expand all
6432Apply CSS only to non-admin pagesClosed
6431php INFO 'warnings' in fauna europeae taxon pageClosed
6392selenium tests for palmweb uses dataClosed
6382option to supply user credentials in the admin setting for the freetext index triggersClosed
6375footnotes on sensu references must not be prefixed with 'sensu'Closed
6374Uses no longer shown in palmweb portal brokenClosed
6349Fix media description handlingClosed
6192taxon annotations only shown when 'Show accepted taxon on top of the synonymy' is enabled Feedback
  devOps 1 Collapse all/Expand all
6255jenkins job cdm-webapp-HFX-FINISH fails due to merge conflictResolved
  platform 1 Collapse all/Expand all
6401Update working environment to jdk 1.8Closed
  taxeditor 29 Collapse all/Expand all
6497"Open in bulkeditor" does not show up in SearchResultViewClosed
6488Always show some label text in the specimen editor even when no information is availableResolved
6483Restructure "Show view" and bulk editor menuClosed
6479Class Cast Exception when trying to delete a misapplicationClosed
6477Show collection name in specimen editor if no collection code existsClosed
6466IndexOutOfBoundsException when entering monthClosed
6454NumberWithLabelElement.getFloat and .getInteger should return nullFeedback
6453Deleting text from min/max fields throws NPEClosed
6449Nomenclatural references with protected titleCache are not shown correctly in name editorClosed
6433NPE in PartialElementClosed
6424Empty name creates problem/NPE in name editorClosed
6408NPE in AbcdParseUtilityClosed
6388Duplicate entry exception when adding types to a taxonClosed
6376NPE when deduplicating agentClosed
6372NPE when using ShowView - DatasourceClosed
6336NPE when deleting recently created mediaClosed
6322In the specimen editor showing the warning for long loading times already has a long loading timeClosed
6315Implement setSecundumForSubtree in TaxEditorFeedback
6309Creating an existing user throws exceptionClosed
6308Add configuration dialog for the deletion of synonyms in name editorResolved
6304Deleting of Person used as user does not workClosed
6300DataIntegrityViolationException when saving a typeClosed
6262Implement Rights reusable in TaxEditorClosed
5691Referencing objects view makes editor inresponsive if an object references many objectsClosed
5216Changing the CRUD flags of an existing GrantedAuthority in the CdmAuthorityEditorInput causes an MySQLIntegrityConstraintViolationExceptionResolved
3737Protected caches for taxa and names behave inconsistentResolved
3603Remove creation of dummy DefinedTerm when creating new Term related entitiesClosed
3532Nomenclatural reference null for databaseClosed
1606Restrict filtered selection of in references to the respective reference typesClosed

CDM Platform 4.5 (released on January 19th, 2017)

What's new?

  • General / Model

    • Possibility to set secundum reference for subtrees (implementation in TaxEditor still missing)
  • DataPortal

    • Search
      • Advanced search for taxa allows wildcards and some further bugs fixed
      • Remove duplicates for common name search #6296
      • Allow hiding classification information
    • Improved display of media in image galleries and media pages
      • Display of descriptions
      • Display of rights (e.g. copyright)
      • Display of sources
      • Fix media representations (e.g. thumbnails) display on media page
    • Taxon page
    • Labels of tabs customizable
    • Bugfixes for exceptions
  • TaxEditor

    • Repair method for corrupted CDM instances
    • Polytomous Keys
    • Allow inserting nodes at the beginning or in between
    • other bugfixes
    • Media
    • Allow configurable delete in MediaView and bulk editor
    • Fix save for reused Media
    • Zoological nomenclatural status not shown anymore for botanical names (not yet the other way round)
    • Order in supplemental data view changed (types that are used more often were moved up)
    • Improve order of type selection for sources/references
    • Disallow self-referencing name relations
    • Make details view empty if no selection exists
    • Term editor menu structured
    • Further Bugfixes
      • selectable terms for stage and preservation method fixed
      • delete for references fixed
      • delete of unsaved taxon descriptions fixed
      • selecting taxon node with '?' fixed
      • missing ampersand in some labels fixed
      • exception during creation of new taxon fixed

# Subject Status
  cdmlib 6 Collapse all/Expand all
6296Simple search for common names returns duplicatesResolved
6283Exceptions when editing polytomous keyClosed
6274add update of childrenCount cache in repair methodClosed
6190remove svn property place holder in first line of codeClosed
4766Repair Methods for the cdm instanceClosed
3465Function to copy secundum reference of a given taxon node to all it's childrenClosed
  cdmlib-remote 10 Collapse all/Expand all
6373LIE during request to /portal/descriptionElement/byTaxonClosed
6339frontendBaseUrl parameter not longer working in web servicesClosed
6323LIE during request to name_catalogue/taxon.jsonClosed
6317LIE during request to portal/taxon/find.jsonClosed
6268descriptions missing in media service responsesClosed
6261NPE while processing /portal/media/{uuid}/sources in BaseController Closed
6249better logging strategyClosed
6248allow machine clients to access /manage/* OAuth2 protected web servicesClosed
6227LIE during request to derivedUnitFacade/{uuid}/collectingareasClosed
4377LazyInitializationException (LIE) related to Team.teamMembers when calling portal/taxon.jsonClosed
  dataportal 13 Collapse all/Expand all
6430proxy_content not returning dataClosed
6397palmweb: various feature blocks missingClosed
6301Display of sources for imagesClosed
6292IAPT-Data Registration dateClosed
6291allow hiding the classification information from the search resultsClosed
6290style Phycobank registration data in tabular styleClosed
6288harmonize CommonName feature block elementsClosed
6278add sec reference as class attribute to all taxon markupClosed
6275Phycobank - DataPortal: display registration data stored in name extensionClosed
6260media page: rights stored in the cdm are not displayedClosed
6259Media page problems with multiple media representationsClosed
4490Make the label of the taxon page tabs customizable for portal adminsClosed
4223Advanced search returns unexpected resultsClosed
  documentation 1 Collapse all/Expand all
6158Update EDIT documentation from svn to gitFeedback
  taxeditor 15 Collapse all/Expand all
6342Exception when searching for '?' in TaxonNodeSelectionDialogClosed
6334Deleting unsaved TaxonDescription does not workClosed
6333add existing media to a taxon description is not persistedResolved
6307Logfile/exception dialog should show connected datasource Closed
6299Error when deleting reference in bulk editorFeedback
6295NPE when creating a new taxonClosed
5922Change order in supplemental data viewClosed
5714In Original Source Type dropdown show Primary Taxonomic Source firstClosed
5698Ampersand (&) is not shown in labels for NameRelationships in details viewClosed
5671Name selection should not allow self referencing name relationshipsFeedback
5474TermEditor menu should be more structuredFeedback
5365Add delete configurator to Media View image galleryFeedback
5055Integrate Luna installation instruction into standard installation instructionsClosed
4246Allow inserting a new node at the beginning or somewhere else in the Polytomous Key treeClosed
2957running maven site:site for Taxonomic Editor failsClosed

CDM Platform 4.4 (released on December 5th, 2016)

What's new?

  • General / Model
    • Distribution status terms of several CDM instance have been unified and some new status were added to the CDM distribution status base vocabulary; default symbols used in condensed distribution strings were updated
    • Simplification: Synonyms belong to max. 1 accepted taxon now (before they could belong to multiple taxa, this was used for pro parte synonyms, which will be handled as taxon concept relationships in future, but with special user interface functionality similar to misapplied names)
    • Support for locally overriding database specific preferences (currently only implemented for preference "nomenclautral code", will be more in next version)
    • Symbol for congruence concept relationships changed
    • Unplaced and excluded attribute moved from taxon to taxon within classification ("taxon node"), including multi-lingual note field to document why a taxon is excluded
    • Improved support for Java 8
  • DataPortal
    • Security
      • Allow dataportal to show content only to logged in users (further improvements have bee investigated and will be implemented soon)
    • Maps
      • Allow distribution (area based) and occurrence (point based) data to show up on the same taxon page (better support for tabless taxon pages)
      • Improved support for Google Maps
      • Support for distribution maps if no distribution data is available (Fauna Europaea request)
    • Performance
      • Improved performance for synonymies
    • Formatting:
      • Improved formatting for specimen title
      • Improved display for specimen altitude
      • Display of "extensions" added to specimen and others
      • Display of "additional areas" (sub-country level) added to specimen
      • Bugfix for lectotype references
      • Bugfix for feature "Citation" showing up as footnote only
      • Suppress display of protologues if URL is missing
    • General Improvements
      • Improved breadcrumb navigation for desktop and mobile devices
      • Flexible handling and placing of "back to search button"
      • Persistent stable Identifier ("CETAF" identifier) clickable now in default specimen view
    • Bugfixes:
      • Area selection widget fixed in advanced search
      • Fix for missing sensu on misapplications with sensu reference missing an author
  • TaxEditor
    • Allow editing of default color for distribution status in term editor (Presence-Absence-Term) -> the color is used e.g. for maps in the dataportal
    • New Admin menu for general admins and project admins, currently used only for setting the database preferences
    • Improved support for deleting names, taxa, persons/teams, factual data and terms in bulk editor, name editor, factual data view and term editor, including bugfixes
    • Remember filter on selection dialog for named areas more individually (named areas are used at different places - distribution, specimen country, common name language area, geoscopes, ...)
    • Prevent users from unwanted updates on shared data: a red warning is shown in dialogs now if a shared resource is edited (currently implemented only for reference editing)
    • Preference to choose available fields for taxon details view (most fields can be selected individually now; in next version this may become a database specific preference)
    • Flags for unplaced and excluded moved from taxon details view to taxon node assistant (right click in taxon navigator -> open in -> taxon node assistant)
    • Excluded note (s.a.) available in taxon node assistant
    • Improved handling of orphaned taxa and synonyms
    • Nomenclatural status selection box shows abbreviated labels now
    • User interface for import configurations improved
    • Bugfixes:
      • Critical fix for a bug that prevented to correctly install the TaxEditor on computer for the first time
      • Exception when editing empty term / vocabulary labels
      • New references could not be found in selection dialog
      • Exception when editing taxon interactions (e.g. parasites) in factual data view
    • Some minor issues
  • Browser Editor (Vaadin)

    • Simple and easy to use distribution editor is now functional (was prototype only before)
    • Architectural improvements
  • Webservices (machine readable services)

    • Add full entity to findByMarker and findByIdentifier webservice result (fix for non functional "includeEntitiy" parameter)
    • OAuth2 authorization available
    • Securing critical web services with authentication. The '/manage/' web services now require authentication.
    • Some improvements for project specific webservices
      • Sorting by length on name search
      • Return pure names for taxonomic group search
      • Grouping by taxonomic groups
      • Add taxon parent to taxonInContext webservice result
    • bugfix for name catalogue taxon search
    • New services returning pure titleCaches and uuids with titleCache

# Subject Status
  architecture 1 Collapse all/Expand all
6206Vaadin view fail with: Failed to load the bootstrap javascriptClosed
  cdm 11 Collapse all/Expand all
6089Remove taxonomicParentCache and taxonomicChildrenCount from TaxonClosed
5981Add abbreviation to Rank "Cultivar"Closed
5974Remove synonym relationshipsClosed
5970Implement allowOverride in CdmPreferenceClosed
5952Second cache field for specimen (identityCache)Closed
5921Change symbol for congruence relationship.Closed
5875Add isDefault flag to DescriptionBaseClosed
5778Update symbols for PresenceAbsenceTerms in existing databasesClosed
5634Excluded note for excluded taxa /taxon nodesClosed
3925Unplaced and excluded to TaxonNodeClosed
3658Update Nomenclatural code for datasourcesClosed
  cdmadapter 1 Collapse all/Expand all
6077Import of gathering imagesClosed
  cdmlib 8 Collapse all/Expand all
6244Sortindex problems in complex operations like swap synonym and accepted and othersClosed
6220Improve definition of orphaned taxon and synonymFeedback
6120Cleanup uuidAndTitleCache methodsClosed
6118evaluate spring-security-auth2 and spring-cloud-security as a framework for OAuth2Closed
6099Duration of save is increasingClosed
6023configuration problems with maven-antrun-pluginClosed
5862Spring needs online resources during launchClosed
4965unsupported method getDatabase() in WrappedCdmDataSource breaks forceSchemaUpdateClosed
  cdmlib-remote 10 Collapse all/Expand all
6236Add alphabetic length ordering in name searchClosed
6211massive heap consumption by service endpoint /portal/taxon/{uuid}/synonymyClosed
6135Remove authors from Taxonomische GroßgruppeResolved
6134Allow grouping by Taxonomische GroßgruppeClosed
6128Include authorship in taxon search web serviceClosed
6127NPE in NameCatalogue Controller on name_catalogue/taxonClosed
6122add titleCache serviceResolved
6119Implement uuidAndTitleCache remote servicesResolved
6072Implement getTaxonomicGroups for EdaphobaseResolved
4594RL Webservice 7: Return taxa by IdentifierResolved
  data 3 Collapse all/Expand all
6071Handle Taxonomische Großgruppen correctly in EdaphobaseClosed
5976Update sortIndex for potential nullValue sortIndexesClosed
5826Clean up names with empty name descriptionsClosed
  dataportal 16 Collapse all/Expand all
6201Adapt dataportal to the new synonym datamodelClosed
6130Areafilter widget broken Closed
6115protect cdm content by drupal permissionFeedback
6114Regression of #4379: Citations only consist of footnotes if bibliography block is enabled Closed
6110Use https for map service calls when the portal is access via httpsClosed
5956Improve functionality and UX for (children display in) breadcrumb navigation - 2Feedback
5948supress protologue icon if according media uri is missingClosed
5943back to search button/link should go into a drupal blockClosed
5938distribution and specimen maps can not be used on the same pageClosed
5844Make stable identifier clickable in default specimen tabClosed
5676Sensu does not show up if no author exists for secundum referenceFeedback
5047option to show empty distribution mapsDuplicate
3650allow supressing empty distribution and specimen mapsClosed
3226openlayers map google baselayers: api keys rejectedClosed
3061Lecototype typeReference not rendered correctlyClosed
2985Improve Specimen details displayFeedback
  devOps 1 Collapse all/Expand all
6224cdm-webapp is not using current version of cdmlib-remote-webapp.warClosed
  taxeditor 27 Collapse all/Expand all
6218NPE when editing term vocabulary labelClosed
6216Allow changing of defaultColor for PresenceAbsenceTermClosed
6215NPE when opening preferences with no DB connectionClosed
6209NPE in DatasourceViewClosed
6199Excluded note for excluded taxon nodes in TaxEdtiorClosed
6198Remove synonymrelationships in TaxEditorClosed
6197Move excluded and unplaced from Taxon to TaxonNode in TaxEditorClosed
6174LIE when deleting new nameClosed
6129After creating a new Reference in selection dialog, it could not be found in the selection dialogClosed
6105Make CdmPreferences editable in separate viewResolved
6058Store NamedArea dialog filters more individuallyClosed
6050provide the possibility to choose the fields of the simple details view for namesFeedback
5972Prevent user from unwanted author and reference updatesFeedback
5971Implement database wide CdmPreference writingClosed
5891Taxon appended phrase should not allow empty stringClosed
5888Deleting factual data does not work (dirty flag not set)Closed
5870NPE when trying to open a synonym (or taxon) that has been deletedClosed
5841Creating a new alternative in PolytomousKey Editor should set focus to new PKNodeClosed
5800Remove "Taxonomically Included In" from list of concept relationship typesClosed
5693Deleting a synonym only deletes the synonym relationClosed
5692Delete a person within the bulk editor deletes the person even if not savedClosed
5680Out-of-Memory when editing TaxonInteractionClosed
5660Rename Name Relationship to Name Relationships in Name Details ViewClosed
4945Right click menu for polytomous key node list view needs correct enablingFeedback
4461Ordering in datasources view failsClosed
3573Improve EDITOR import UI configuration panelClosed
1362Version number should be located at one placeRejected
  vaadin 1 Collapse all/Expand all
6131Vaadin DistributionEditor TODOSClosed

CDM Platform 4.3 (released on September 26th, 2016)

What's new?

  • General

    • Improved handling of notho ranks
    • Some new/fixed machine readable web-services
  • DataPortal

    • Advanced Search: Distributions marked as absent are no longer displayed in search result
    • Advanced search: Area filter is now sorted
    • Breadcrumb navigation fixed for Internet Explorer / MS Edge
    • Fix some links to images
  • TaxEditor

    • Bugfix for user defined order in taxon navigator
    • ABCD import improved
    • Name Parser improved
    • Checklist/Distribution Editor:
      • Renamed to Distribution Editor
      • Fixe some bugs (but it still has status experimental; opening is now available via standard open in menu)
    • Referencing objects view:
      • available for relationships (name relationship, concept relationship, etc.)
      • minor bugfix
    • Name author search works on nomenclatural title and standard title
    • Nomenclatural reference search works on abbreviated title and standard title
    • Expansion state of the details view and the supplemental data view is now remembered (e.g. if you close all sections in the name details view except for the name relationships the next time when you enter the name details view it will remember this state and only the name relationship section will be open)
    • Filtering for area selection fixed (also last filter is remembered now)
    • The preferred nomenclatural code can now be stored as a database wide variable instead of a local variable. This way projects can define there own settings. This implementation is a first implementation and prototype for the general availability of project settings.
    • Underlying link for the automated update has been fixed
    • Infraspecific epithet editing now available for species (all codes) and infraspecific ranks (zoology)
    • Reusing of names and taxa fixed
    • Bulk editor
      • auto-focus on search
      • new search allows not to save now
      • Concept relationship editor view now available also from taxon bulk editor
    • Search
      • Search results allow opening in different target views (e.g. name editor, bulk editor) via right click menu
    • Correct handling of secundum reference for newly created taxa
    • Delete for type designations fixed
    • Term editor
      • Language dependent representations for terms are now deletable if more than 1 representation exists
      • Non English default representation shows up correctly
      • #6101
    • Details view
      • Horizontal scrolling removed where possible
    • Some bugfixes
      • "multipe representations" exception
      • focus issue for protected title caches

CDM Platform 4.2 (released on July 6th, 2016)

What's new?

  • General

    • Some new terms: feature "Notes", nomenclatural status "ined." and taxon relationships "unclear" and "not yet worked on"
    • Improved aggregation for distribution data (transmission engine)
    • Improved multi-language support
    • Some new machine readable web-services
  • DataPortal

    • Improved usability of breadcrumb navigation
    • minor formatting issues
    • geo filtered search fixed
    • support for taxon secundum micro reference
    • Display of children on "General" tab (first version, block needs to be switched on)
    • Spanish translation for Dataportal module
  • TaxEditor

    • Improved performance for selection boxes
    • Fix bugs in feature tree editing
    • Support for species with infrageneric epithet
    • Multi-language editing for terms
    • "Open in ... bulk editor" for taxon navigator and referencing objects view
    • Support for "additional identifiers" in supplemental data view
    • Improved taxon name and reference parsing
    • Nomenclatural reference parser uses abbrev title
    • Improved "Changed Password" functionality
    • Improved session handling for bulk editor searches (fixing unexpected results and memory effects)
    • Ordering in specimen derivative editor
    • Improved labels in referencing objects view for specimen determinations and taxa in classifications (taxon nodes)
    • bug fixes

Milestones and tickets

CDM Platform 4.1 (released on June 1st, 2016)

What's new?

  • General

    • Support for persistent stable identifiers (e.g. "CETAF Identifiers")
    • Support for secundum micro reference
  • DataPortal

    • Breadcrumb navigation shows child taxa
    • Changing to breadcrumb navigation and removing tree navigation improves performance of data portals significantly
  • TaxEditor

    • "Standalone" functionality removed
    • Connection to datasources is now only possible via remoting" functionality introduced in "v3.12
    • Datasource was adapted to only support editing user defined datasources (connect to "localhost mgd." server) and to create a new database schema in such datasources if they are still empty
    • Search for nomenclatural authors works on abbrev. title now
    • Labels for referencing objects improved
    • Some major bugs fixed that lead to error messages when saving taxa
    • Bugfix for "unavailable" authors after creation of new authors
    • Symbols for distribution strings and concept relationships editable
    • Error handling for connection process
    • Performance for save improved
    • Couple of minor bug fixes

Milestones and tickets

CDM Platform 4.0 (released on May 3rd, 2016)

What's new?

  • Upgrades to all underlying software libraries

    • Full Java 8 support (Downloading TaxEditor JRE version not necessary anymore)
    • Improved freetext indexing (faster and more stable) and search support
    • Improved webservice documentation
  • DataPortal

    • Breadcrumb menu for higher taxonomy
    • Clickable list of all parent taxa of a given taxon shown in 1 line
    • Needs to be switched on by dataportal admin
    • Improved multi-language support
    • Improved support for taxon concepts, misapplied names and doubtful taxa formatting
    • Maps
    • Animated "Hourglass" while loading maps
    • Improved stability for distribution and occurrence maps
    • Improved display of textual distributions for hierarchically ordered distributions
    • Faster loading of the most important base layers through the new EDIT MapProxy
    • Condensed distribution string configurable and improved
    • Support for hierarchical feature trees for factual data
    • Improved display of reference pages (e.g. )
    • Specimen linking to associated taxa
    • Improved error and warning messages
    • Bugfixes
    • Fix display of taxon interactions
    • Fix name page display

Examples for many of the new features (like breadcrumb menu, multi-language support and condensed distribution strings) can be found at (e.g. )

  • TaxEditor

    • Improvements to the name and coordinate parsers
    • Ordering of sources (according to rules described in #3185)
    • Editing supplemental data for type designations and name relationships
    • New generic "Open in ..." right mouse click menu
    • Available servers configurable
    • Renaming Descriptions to Factual data finalized
    • Many bugfixes to stabilize existing functionality
    • PolytomousKey editing and deleting
    • Creation of new terms
    • ...
  • Data Model (CDM)

    • Preferred persistent identifiers for specimen
    • Symbols for condensed distribution strings and concept relationships
    • Secundum micro reference for taxa

Milestones and tickets

CDM Platform 3.12 - Hotfixes (released on February 15th, 2016)

This is a pure bugfix release for Release 3.12 with no new functionality

Milestones and tickets

CDM Platform 3.12 (released on December 21st, 2015)

Note: Version 3.9, 3.10 and 3.11 were minor releases mostly for development reasons and were not published

What's new?

  • DataPortal

    • Taxon experts can now be displayed in a new tab of the taxon pages.
    • Maps adapted to different screen size. Openlayers try to adapt to the screen size and the map aspect ratio can be set instead of fixed width and height (#5385)
    • MapProxy established (#5023): Background layers for the maps can now be retrieved via the Cybertaxonomy MapProxy The layers served through the map proxy are delivered much faster and availability problems of some map server are circumvented this way. It is therefore highly recommended to use the map proxy versions of the base layers instead of the original ones so far a map proxy version is available. You may want to adapt the Geo & Map settings in your dataportal accordingly.
  • Taxonomic Editor

    • Support for remote access without using ulteo (or any other virtual desktop)
    • most important new feature,
    • to be accessed via 'Connect' in the editors 'File' menu
    • old access via 'Datasource View' still possible if direct database access exists, but deprecated and will be removed in a future version
    • Remote Editor How To
    • Derivative (specimen tree) view improved
    • unified search and editing view
    • a couple of new features
    • some bugfixes
    • now considered as stable
    • Java JRE bundled with Editor (2 versions are now available for each platform, 1 without java bundled, 1 with java(jre) bundled)
    • ABCD Import improved
    • LSIDs for scientific names editable
    • Ordering of terms
    • Deleting concept relationships
    • Scopes for polytomous keys
    • Deletes in bulk editor configurable
    • Common name and scientific name search made consistent
    • Feedback for impossible deletes improved
    • Image shown also in simple media view
    • Bugfixes
    • switch synonym to misapplied name
    • deleting terms
    • moving descriptions
    • deleting taxa being used in multiple classifications
    • incorrect behavior when pressing cancel in popups
    • delete specimen media
    • merging 2 persons
    • convert person to team
    • many minor bugfixes

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