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01:27 PM Edit feature request #8304: Name page redirects to according taxon depending on query parameter
Hi Andreas, I think we have discussed this issue sometime at phone. Do you remember the results? Are they somewhere i...
10:16 AM Edit feature request #3472: Update name in source data when changing an accepted taxon into a synonym
Ok, in generall this probably makes sense. Maybe I just wasn't used to it yet.
However, if this is the expected beha...


02:10 AM Edit Revision 54627755 (cdmlib-apps): remove RoteListeDbTaxonImportValidator
02:10 AM Edit Revision 165e1209 (cdmlib-apps): ref #6794 , ref #7099 adapt app-import, pesi, eflora to modelch...


01:02 AM Edit Revision b5de83c2 (cdmlib): ref #8432 adapt javadoc
12:57 AM Edit Revision 08f5d256 (cdmlib): ref #8432 adapt TermTreeDaoImpl.load such that default feature tree i...
12:54 AM Edit Revision 55e16d38 (cdmlib): minor
10:36 PM Edit bug #8385: Open issues in DB preferences
~~Restore button does not yet work for Distribution Editor status and area selection preferences~~
this is fixed
10:33 PM Edit bug #8385: Open issues in DB preferences
~~Distribution editor status selection: changes are not visible in Preferences view after reopening the preferences v...
10:27 PM Edit bug #8385: Open issues in DB preferences
~~name.nomenclaturalStatus can not be removed by Reset Default~~
this is fixed.

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