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01:47 PM Edit Revision a3d5eccd (cdmlib-apps): update to GreeceImageActivator
01:47 PM Edit Revision d29ad503 (cdmlib-apps): update mysql driver in commented unitils datasource
01:47 PM Edit Revision 5ec402ba (cdmlib-apps): adapt GermanSLImporBase inheritance


05:16 PM Edit bug #8183 (New): Make Feature IndividualAssociation a generalization of Specimen and Observation
until now this has been handled in the static method Feature.INDIVIDUALS_ASSOCIATION() which is not the correct place...
02:30 PM Edit Revision 0ac58cd8 (cdmlib): minor
02:30 PM Edit Revision 268e5f20 (cdmlib): cleanup
01:20 PM Edit bug #8148 (Resolved): Login Dialog cuts off information
I put it to resolved to remind me reviewing.
Or are there still open issues?


02:33 PM Edit bug #8174: First test fails if term data is in loaded DataSet
This is the order how events are handled in unitils:
* [Unitils] beforeTestClass - TestClass1
* [Test] testBefore...
02:30 PM Edit bug #8174 (New): First test fails if term data is in loaded DataSet
This is because the unitils/dbunit JpaModul starts the application context only during
~~~ java
01:41 PM Edit bug #8170 (Feedback): javax.sql.DataSource.getConnection() implementation in WrappedCdmDataSource...
Is this still an open issue after #8171 is solved now.
I also do not fully understand the solution. In #8171 you s...

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