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03:25 PM Edit bug #7794: Update TaxonNodeWizard
should I review
03:23 PM Edit bug #7856: Allow local override for distribution vocabularies
should I do remove or are there remaining open issues?
02:05 PM Edit feature request #7470: Verbatim type designation information
We discussed this in a user group meeting and decided to implement a new TypeDesignationBase subclass for textual typ...
10:07 AM Edit feature request #8012 (Resolved): Add termType for Structure and Property


06:00 PM Edit feature request #8012 (Resolved): Add termType for Structure and Property
To handle Structures and Properties in Character class we need to have 2 new term types.
02:23 PM Edit feature request #8010 (New): [RULE] Validate allowDuplicates for FeatureTrees/TermGraphs
see #7372 for details
01:46 PM Edit feature request #7372 (Resolved): Allow configuring feature/term tree
01:27 PM Edit bug #7514 (Resolved): Change direct and inverse symbol for pro parte synonym and misapplied name ...
01:26 PM Edit feature request #8006: Improve labels for taxon relationships
concept relationship labels moved to #8007
01:25 PM Edit bug #8007 (New): Improve labels for concept relationships
copied from #8006
standard taxon relationship labels have been updated in #8006, we still need to discuss/update c...

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