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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version Category Tags
6428feature requestNewNewHandle fungi authors in name parser (and model)Andreas MüllerUnassigned CDM ticketscdmlib
6427bugNewNewImprove Matching for Reference.title and abbrevTitleAndreas MüllerUnassigned CDM ticketscdm
6426bugNewNewAvoid stack overflow in self referencing referencesAndreas MüllerUnassigned CDM ticketscdmlib
6425bugNewNewProblems with synonyms in taxon navigator comparatorKatja LutherUnassigned CDM ticketstaxeditor
6424bugNewHighestEmpty name creates problem/NPE in name editorKatja LutherRelease 4.6taxeditor
6423bugNewNewsearching for synonyms and taxa in advanced search does not return all synonymsAndreas KohlbeckerUnassigned CDM ticketscdmlib
6422bugNewNew'Specified key was too long' on creating a new database Andreas MüllerUnassigned CDM ticketscdmlib
6421taskNewNewDocument workaround for user.home loaction problem in Windows Patrick PlitznerUnassigned CDM ticketstaxeditordocumentation
6420taskNewNewAutowire CdmApplicationDefaultConfiguration instead of subclasses of ICdmServ iceAndreas MüllerUnassigned CDM ticketscdmlib
6418bugIn ProgressHighestStatus line does not update after completing the update of the referencing objects viewKatja LutherRelease 4.6taxeditor
6417bugNewNew[DISCUSS] Need and properties of a NomenclaturalReference classAndreas MüllerUnassigned CDM ticketscdm
6416feature requestNewPriority14change sortindex of keynodesKatja LutherUnassigned CDM ticketstaxeditor
6415bugNewNewCreate test suite for availability testing of external servicesAndreas MüllerUnassigned CDM ticketsplatform
6414bugNewNewuse short name for excluded, unplaced taxa when the genus of the parent taxa is differentAndreas KohlbeckerRelease 4.7dataportal
6413feature requestNewNew[DISCUSS] How to create types (isotypes) for a taxon namePatrick PlitznerUnassigned CDM ticketstaxeditor
6412bugNewNewImprove display of gathering event in specimen default viewAndreas KohlbeckerUnassigned CDM ticketsdataportal
6409bugNewHighestFix failing Level3 validation in ValidationTest introduced by removing TaxonNameBase subclassesAndreas MüllerValidation Framework 1.0cdmlibvalidation
6408bugResolvedNewNPE in AbcdParseUtilityKatja LutherRelease 4.6taxeditor
6407bugNewPriority14Upgrade maven compiler plugin to latest versionPatrick PlitznerUnassigned CDM ticketsplatformjdk1.8
6406bugIn ProgressHighestRefactor MarkupTransformer class which is too largeAndreas MüllerRelease 4.6cdmadapterjdk1.8
6403bugNewNewpalmweb: Show image thumbnail tickbox no longer working Andreas KohlbeckerUnassigned CDM ticketsdataportalpalmweb
6402bugNewNewpalmweb: remove comment module related code and disable commentsAndreas KohlbeckerRelease 4.6dataportalpalmweb
6400bugNewNewPalmweb feature 'Number of Taxa' no longer working Andreas KohlbeckerUnassigned CDM ticketsdataportalpalmweb
6399feature requestNewPriority14Add admin property frequently used biocase providerKatja LutherRelease 4.6taxeditorabcd, gbol
6396feature requestNewNewtaxontree takes HTTP_REFERER into account to focus on the previously visited taxon pageAndreas KohlbeckerUnassigned CDM ticketsdataportal
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