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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version Category Tags
6541feature requestNewHighestImplement ImportResultAndreas MüllerRelease 4.7cdmadapter
6540bugNewHighestAfter changing type of reference the dialog is emptyKatja LutherRelease 4.7taxeditor
6539bugNewNewBuild problems for taxeditor post 4.6 releasePatrick PlitznerUnassigned CDM ticketstaxeditor
6538feature requestNewNewAdd perspectives for working character data/matrixPatrick PlitznerUnassigned CDM ticketstaxeditoradditivity
6537taskNewHighestImport Edaphobase descriptive dataAndreas MüllerRelease 4.7cdmadapter
6536feature requestNewHighestextract name export of outputmodel exportKatja LutherRelease 4.7cdmadapter
6535taskNewHighestMetaDataPropertyName from number to string in DBAndreas MüllerCDM UML 4.6cdm
6534feature requestNewNewMake extended details parsableAndreas MüllerUnassigned CDM ticketscdmlib
6533bugNewHighestNew taxon wizard does not refresh is excluded and excluded note informationPatrick PlitznerRelease 4.7taxeditor
6532feature requestNewNewMake "&" in reference title parsableAndreas MüllerUnassigned CDM ticketscdmlib
6531feature requestResolvedHighestAdd WFO Name Identifier to Identifier TypesAndreas MüllerRelease 4.7cdm
6530bugNewHighestAfter editing a nomenclatural reference of a new created name some information is lostKatja LutherRelease 4.7taxeditor
6529feature requestIn ProgressHighestExtend WorkingSet to allow a more fine grained definiton of taxon setAndreas MüllerCDM UML 4.6cdmadditivity
6528bugNewNewException when deleting media in media view which is also used in a MediaSpecimenKatja LutherUnassigned CDM ticketscdmlib
6527feature requestNewNewRefactor delete configurator for mediaKatja LutherRelease 4.7taxeditor
6526bugNewNewShow types in correct orderPatrick PlitznerRelease 4.7taxeditor
6525feature requestIn ProgressHighestWFO Name Identifier importAndreas MüllerRelease 4.7cdmadapter
6524feature requestNewHighestDistribtion Update for Fauna EuropaeaAndreas MüllerRelease 4.7cdmadapter
6523bugNewHighestmisspellings: display order of for- and to-taxon swapped Andreas KohlbeckerRelease 4.7dataportal
6522taskNewNewpackage cdm-server in docker containerAndreas KohlbeckerUnassigned CDM ticketscdmserver
6521taskNewNewCheck existing imports for handling new synonym structure correctlyAndreas MüllerUnassigned CDM ticketscdmadapterimport
6520bugNewNewImprove taxon node wizardPatrick PlitznerUnassigned CDM ticketstaxeditor
6519feature requestIn ProgressHighestImplement ExportResultKatja LutherRelease 4.7cdmadapter
6518taskNewPriority14Remaining minor issues for edaphobase webservicesAndreas MüllerRelease 4.7cdmlib-remoteedaphobase
6517taskResolvedHighestStable IDs at least for example taxaAndreas MüllerRelease 4.7cdmadapteredapho, import
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