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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version Category Tags
7134bugNewNewLoading/rendering of name editor takes extremely long for taxa with a lot of synonymsAndreas MüllerUnassigned CDM ticketstaxeditor
7133bugResolvedNewRegistration must not allow duplicate identifersAndreas KohlbeckerRelease 4.13cdmlibphycobank
7132feature requestResolvedNewallow opening editors for name and typedesignations in readonly mode Andreas KohlbeckerRelease 4.13cdm-vaadin
7131feature requestNewNewRegistrations ListView has pager to browse the whole result set Andreas KohlbeckerRelease 4.13cdm-vaadinphycobank
7130feature requestResolvedHighestRegistrations ListView allows filtering the list of registrationsAndreas KohlbeckerRelease 4.13cdm-vaadinphycobank
7129bugNewHighestafter deduplication bulkeditor should load the entitiesKatja LutherRelease 4.13taxeditor
7128bugNewHighestNPE in selection dialogKatja LutherRelease 4.13taxeditor
7127bugResolvedNewdangling metacharacter exception in selection dialogAndreas KohlbeckerRelease 4.13taxeditor
7126bugNewHighestsupplemental data view shows the last selected name data when scrolling down in details viewKatja LutherRelease 4.13taxeditor
7125bugResolvedHighestwidgetIsDisposed exceptions when clicking in another partAndreas MüllerRelease 4.12taxeditor
7124bugIn ProgressHighestAvoiding multiple repesentation exceptions by removing the conversation from selection dialogsKatja LutherRelease 4.12taxeditor
7123bugResolvedHighestMultiple Represenation Exception in Derivate View and bulk editorAndreas MüllerRelease 4.12taxeditor
7122bugResolvedHighesttitlecache of the taxon is not updated when swap accepted taxon and synonymAndreas MüllerRelease 4.12taxeditor
7121feature requestResolvedHighestadapt remaining UuidAndTitleCache methods to use filterAndreas MüllerRelease 4.12cdmlib
7120feature requestResolvedHighestimplement new buttons for selection dialogsAndreas MüllerRelease 4.12taxeditor
7119feature requestResolvedHighestimplement filter button for selection dialogsAndreas MüllerRelease 4.12taxeditoreclipse4
7118feature requestResolvedHighestmigrate selection dialogs Andreas MüllerRelease 4.12taxeditoreclipse4
7117bugIn ProgressNewSome bugs in Misapplied Name View after e4 migrationKatja LutherRelease 4.13taxeditoreclipse4
7114bugNewHighestDerivedUnitConverter.convertTo() creates duplicate entitiesAndreas KohlbeckerRelease 4.13cdmphycobank
7113bugNewHighestAdapt SQL Server dialect to support all data typesAndreas MüllerRelease 4.13cdmlib
7112bugNewNewAsk for saving dirty editors when closing TaxeditorPatrick PlitznerRelease 4.13taxeditor
7111bugNewPriority14synchronize button does not work as expectedKatja LutherRelease 4.13taxeditoreclipse4
7110feature requestNewNewtaxeditor hotfix script must not merge back to develop by defaultAndreas KohlbeckerUnassigned CDM ticketsdevOps
7109bugIn ProgressNewRename nom. valid to nom. val.Andreas MüllerCDM UML 4.9cdm
7108bugResolvedNewsupress unwanted sourcetypes in handle_annotations_and_sources()Andreas MüllerRelease 4.12cdm-dataportalgreece
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