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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version Category Tags
6607bugNewHighestImplement WebSite.accessed in TaxEditorKatja LutherUnassigned CDM ticketstaxeditor
6606taskNewHighestImport Bogota specimen dataAndreas MüllerRelease 4.8cdmadapter
6605bugNewHighestRepair mechanism for hibernate_sequencesAndreas MüllerUnassigned CDM ticketscdmlib
6604bugResolvedHighestNPE when having simple details view switched onKatja LutherRelease 4.7taxeditor
6603bugNewPriority14Exception Dialog for deletion of taxonNode does not show the stack traceKatja LutherUnassigned CDM ticketstaxeditor
6602feature requestNewHighestAdd recreation of treeindex to the tree repair mechanismAndreas MüllerUnassigned CDM ticketscdmlib
6601bugNewHighestNPE when trying to drag&drop classification to rights editing formKatja LutherUnassigned CDM ticketstaxeditor
6600bugNewNewEntering User and Person throws Duplicate Entry exceptionKatja LutherUnassigned CDM ticketstaxeditor
6599feature requestNewPriority10[DISCUSS] Use logging facade instead of log4jAndreas MüllerUnassigned CDM ticketscdmlib
6598feature requestNewNewMigrate commands and handlersPatrick PlitznerUnassigned CDM ticketstaxeditor
6597feature requestNewNewMigrate Details ViewPatrick PlitznerUnassigned CDM ticketstaxeditoreclipse4
6596feature requestNewNewMigrate specimen editorPatrick PlitznerUnassigned CDM ticketstaxeditoreclipse4
6595feature requestNewNewMigrate name editorPatrick PlitznerUnassigned CDM ticketstaxeditoreclipse4
6591taskNewHighestUse name used in source for original spellingAndreas MüllerCDM UML 4.7cdm
6590taskNewHighestCheck if CdmVaadinAuthentication is a proper solution for handling authentications and SecurityContexts Andreas KohlbeckerRelease 4.7vaadinsecurity, phycobank
6589feature requestNewNewHandle protologue as original source with URI linkAndreas MüllerCDM UML 4.7cdm
6588feature requestNewNewAdd URL and URL comment to OriginalSourceAndreas MüllerCDM UML 4.7cdm
6587bugResolvedNewWrong order of "Window" menuAndreas MüllerUnassigned CDM ticketstaxeditoreclipse4
6586bugResolvedNewDuplicate menu items in name editor context menuAndreas MüllerUnassigned CDM ticketstaxeditoreclipse4
6585bugNewNewCombo menu items have orange fontPatrick PlitznerUnassigned CDM ticketstaxeditor
6584bugNewNewRemove annotation and Editor navigation from perspectives/toolbarPatrick PlitznerUnassigned CDM ticketstaxeditoreclipse4
6583bugNewNewperspective separator not movablePatrick PlitznerUnassigned CDM ticketstaxeditoreclipse4
6582bugNewNewstatus bar not completely visiblePatrick PlitznerUnassigned CDM ticketstaxeditoreclipse4
6581feature requestNewNewMake all microreferenced references OriginalSourcesAndreas MüllerCDM UML 4.7cdm
6579bugResolvedHighestuser and usergroup menu item is missingAndreas MüllerRelease 4.7taxeditor
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