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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version Category Tags
6752feature requestNewHighestAdd verbatimDateAndreas MüllerCDM UML 4.7cdm
6751bugNewPriority14After shutdown error message in log filePatrick PlitznerUnassigned CDM ticketstaxeditor
6750feature requestResolvedHighestDerivedUnitConverter which can convert DerivedUnits <--> MediaSpecimenAndreas KohlbeckerRelease 4.8cdmlibphycobank
6749bugResolvedHighestNo media is created for new mediaSpecimenAndreas MüllerRelease 4.8taxeditor
6748bugResolvedHighestLinking between derivate view and facts/media view Andreas MüllerRelease 4.8taxeditor
6747bugFeedbackHighestMedia and Facts view is inactive for specimen editorKatja LutherRelease 4.8taxeditor
6746feature requestNewNewImplement DetailsView and show SupplementalDataView for FeatureNodePatrick PlitznerUnassigned CDM ticketstaxeditor
6745taskNewNewInvestigate how e4 model changes affect the cached application model in exisiting Taxeditor installationPatrick PlitznerUnassigned CDM ticketstaxeditoreclipse4
6744bugNewNewStatus bar not completely visible in widthKatja LutherUnassigned CDM ticketstaxeditor
6743bugResolvedHighestTranslation missing for Specimen-Editor context menuAndreas MüllerRelease 4.8taxeditor
6742bugNewNewIAE when using "Link with taxon selection" in Specimen-EditorPatrick PlitznerUnassigned CDM ticketstaxeditor
6741feature requestNewPriority14Edit Date in TextFieldKatja LutherUnassigned CDM ticketstaxeditor
6740feature requestNewNewPopup Editor for NameTypeDesignation WorkingsetsAndreas KohlbeckerRelease 4.8vaadinphycobank
6738feature requestNewNewcreate generic icons for specimen editorTilo HenningUnassigned CDM ticketstaxeditor
6737feature requestNewNewMake error message available in "Copy Error"Katja LutherUnassigned CDM ticketstaxeditor
6736taskNewNewHandle server not available user friendlyKatja LutherUnassigned CDM ticketstaxeditor
6735feature requestNewNewCollect all footnotes of a cdm_dataportal page and display it a the bottomAndreas KohlbeckerUnassigned CDM ticketsdataportal
6732feature requestNewNewrank selector offering 2 filtered lists of ranks (default, all) for phycobankAndreas KohlbeckerRelease 4.9vaadinphycobank
6731taskNewNew[DISCUSS] What information do we need to define the mapping used for data from external servicesAndreas MüllerCDM UML 4.9cdm
6730bugNewHighestDeleting media leads to inconsistent dataKatja LutherRelease 4.8taxeditor
6729bugNewPriority14NPE when closing the editorKatja LutherUnassigned CDM ticketstaxeditor
6728bugNewNewChanging author data when editing a reference does neither update the reference titleCache nor the author labelKatja LutherUnassigned CDM ticketstaxeditor
6727feature requestNewNewRemaining selection dialogs that show already selected objectKatja LutherUnassigned CDM ticketstaxeditor
6725bugResolvedNewBug in DU facade for setting / retrieving kind of unitPatrick PlitznerRelease 4.8cdmlib
6724feature requestFeedbackHighestPopup Editor for SpecimenTypeDesignation WorkingsetsWolf-Henning KusberRelease 4.8vaadinphycobank
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