Platform Components

CDM Based Platform Components

Official Labels (according to #1410)

  • CDM Library
  • CDM Store (only for the database and direct access to the database itself)
  • CDM Server (for the API that communicates with the outside)
  • CDM DataPortal
  • TaxEditor (long form "Taxonomic Editor" if needed)
  • UTIS
  • EDIT Platform (for the platform in generel)
  • CDM: CDM (only in technical context and only for questions refering to the data model)
  • EDIT MapService

TODO: WebBrowser (Vaadin), MediaMetaDataService, ...


Original idea of a Platform component: Platform components can take the form of software applications (desktop or web-based) for human users or web services. A service may provide data (a data service), some kind of transformation (a transformation service), validation of data (validation service), or other data processing"

Platform Components Overview

To get an idea of what the platform consists we are working towards a simple diagram that shows central components and a bundle of components that can be used for collaborative taxonomic work.

For a richer textual description of the planned components please read the platform design draft.

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