Redmine Best Practice

This page describes the best practices when using the Redmine systeme


New pages

Creating a new wiki page should always include the following header

# My Title

*Description what is included in this page and what is found elsewhere*




Note: on how to use the child_pages macro see


Use whitespace for separating name parts, not CamelCase. In URL this will be automatically transformed to underscore _.
The reason is that the name will also appear in subpage lists. These list can not use label overwriting and therefore labels should be easily human readable.
Therefore also don't use to many appreviation and use best practices for subpage naming (see below).

Specific pages

DevTool and Software

DevTool and Software pages should follow the following structure which can be included 1 side or -if larger- should be split to main page and subpages.

  • General
  • Install (& Update/Upgrade if needed)
  • Best Practice
  • FAQ (TODO label needs to be discussed)



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