CDM Platform release process step by step

0.1) Check that the cdm-server and the data portal build fine

1) run the release pipeline in jenkins

2) update the Cdm Platform Roadmap

update and add a summary in the What's new? section

4) edit milestones

  1. create the milestones for the next release

  2. close the milestones of the current release and tell track to move all open tickets to the next milestone

5) write an email to the _cdm_clients

Subject: EDIT Platform  <NEW-VERSION> released
Dear EDIT Platform users,

the next version of the EDIT Platform with the version number <NEW-VERSION> has been released. 

[OPTIONAL A]The release of the Taxonomic Editor will be done in a few days, meanwhile you can of course continue working with Taxonomic Editor <OLD-VERSION>.
[OPTIONAL B]This time we abstain from also releasing a new version of the Taxonomic Editor. You can of course continue working with Taxonomic Editor <OLD-VERSION>.

For an overview on the changes in this release please refer to the following page:

For [tomorrow|this evening] we are planning to install this new version of the EDIT Platform on our servers. During the necessary server maintenance you might experience some minor downtimes of some of the platform components.

Best wishes

6) perform the Taxonomic Editor Release or 'Fake' Release (Not Deployment)

as described at TaxonomicEditorDeployment

7) deploy the release

8) check for post-release tickets

9) perform the Taxonomic Editor Deployment

as described at TaxonomicEditorDeployment

10) send mail to users to inform of successful release

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