This page describes the UTIS project


The Unified Taxonomic Information Service (UTIS) is used as taxonomic backbone for the EU BON project

The EU BON Taxonomic backbone allows running a federated search on multiple European checklists and returns a unified result set of the individual responses of the various checklists.

UTIS connects the web services of the Pan-European Species directories Infrastructure (EU-Nomen), EUNIS which fully covers Natura 2000. Therefore UTIS can be used in full compliance to Appendix 3 of the the INSPIRE directive. Furthermore it connects to the Catalogue of Life (CoL), and the World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS).

Currently it is possible to search for taxa and synonyms by scientific name or vernacular name strings. In case the search string is matching a synonym the according accepted taxon is resolved. UTIS provides furthermore a special search mode for resolving taxon identifiers.
The responses of the search web service always include information on the classification and optionally on related taxa as far as this data is delivered by the connected checklist providers.

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