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Updated List ICN/ICBN editions

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As a first step, here is an update for the list.
This is a follow-up to ticket #9618

The new list is based on the IAPT list of historical codes, published at

ICN and ICBN is deleted instead of a short citation of the code, followed by the year of publication (this is more important than the year of the respective ICB.

Lois, 1867
Lois ed. 2, 1883
Vienna Rules, 1906
Brussels Rules, 1912
Cambridge Rules, 1935
Amsterdam Rules, 1950
Stockholm Code, 1952
Paris Code, 1956
Montreal Code, 1961
Edinburgh Code, 1966
Seattle Code, 1972
Leningrad Code, 1978
Sydney Code, 1983
Berlin Code, 1988
Tokyo Code, 1994
Saint Louis Code, 2000
Vienna Code, 2006
Melbourne Code, 2012
Shenzhen Code, 2018
San Juan Chap. F, 2019

The second step will be a second entry with the full-citation cache of each short citation. The complete citation is necessary for PhycoBank but may be also helpful for other projects.

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Citations add for Shenzhen, Melbourne and Vienna Code.

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I guess this is more or less fixed. I implemented a way how long citations can be added to the code edition via volatile objects created on the fly and hardcoded in the programm code. This should be enough for the current needs.

I added the data for the last 4 ICN/ICBN codes and for Chapter F (2019).

If more is needed it can be easily added in the code.

For the code in bold "Lois ed. 2, 1883" there is no solution as it refers to the same code edition ("rules") as the "Lois, 1867" rules. I can add >1 citations to each code. A work around could be to create a second code edition for this if it is every needed. For now this is not implemented.

Can you please review (also if the long citation for Shenzhen 2017 is correct).

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As far as I can see all (but one) issues are fixed. Shenzhen Code citation in PhycoBank Test portal is as expected (08 June 2023). Iam happy that we deleted the ICN/ICBN issue.

I close the ticket. If needed, we can reopen it later.


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