Community Single Sign-On (CSSO)

The shibboleth based EDIT CSSO has been discontinued and is no longer available.

The aim of EDIT's Community Single Sign-On (CSSO) security infrastructure is integrating various EDIT service providers into the platform such as registered users of the EDIT community may access these services using a single EDIT identity only. Simultaneously, the CSSO security infrastructure respects the requirements of many biodiverity service providers to remain the sovereigns of their resources and services offered. That means, service providers may define and enforce individual access control policies in order to protect their resources, i.e. enable or prevent certain users or groups from accessing specific services.

Technologically, EDIT's CSSO Security Infrastructure bases on the OASIS Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML)": standard family. The main benefits of SAML include a secure attribute exchange framework, several open source implementations, privacy-preserving access to individually protected online resources and a federation concept. In particular, this federation concept perfectly matches the requirements regarding the creation of a single sign-on platform for more or less closed communities like e.g. taxonomic experts within EDIT. Beside others, the EDIT federation currently consists of about 2000 taxonomic experts registered in an SAML Identity Provider (IdP) and several SAML Service Providers (SP) instances like e.g. "EDITExpertNet

While, the vision is to extend the CSSO concept from EDIT to the whole biodiversity community someday, this document will present an outline to any available information regarding the existing CSSO release.

CSSO Security Infrastructure

CSSO Technical Overview ::

Provides general information about the EDIT security components like Identity Provider (IdP), Service Provider (SP), Discovery Service (DS) and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

Shibboleth Proxy General Information::

General information about the Shibboleth Proxy component.

EDIT Federation

General Information::

Provides general information about the EDIT Federation.

How to become an EDIT user ?::

Provides a detailed description on how users can be registered to the EDIT federation.

How to become an EDIT Service Provider ?::

Provides a detailed description on how EDIT institutions can implement services using the Single Sign-On features within the EDIT federation.

Current EDIT Federatoin members::

Gives an overview of the EDIT services currently connected to CSSO.

Common Set of EDIT Federation Attributes::

Describes the user attributes currently transmitted to EDIT Service Providers from the EDIT Identity Provider.

User Guides

OpenSSO User Documentation ::

Documentation of the basic OpenSSO user interface for EDIT users.

The "Invalid Security Certificate Problem"::

Explains how users have to deal with this error message when connecting to EDIT CSSO services.

Certification Authorities

Freie Universität Berlin (FUB-CA) Certification Authority ::

Documentation of any X.509 certificates used within the CSSO Infrastructure.

WP 5.7 Certification Authorities ::

Documentation of the EDIT Demo CA.


Licenses used by CSSO 3rd party components ::

Overview of Open Source licenses used by CSSO and its third party components.

Initial Plannings of the Community Single Sign-On (CSSO) Security Infrastructure ::

Document describing the initial ideas and plannings regarding the construction of EDIT's CSSO infrastructure.

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