OpenSSO User Documentation

OpenSSO enables users to manage and see their attributes stored. Users can edit their personal attributes by simply login to the OpenSSO console": (" For login, users need their EDIT CSSO user name and password.

In case of forgotten passwords, OpenSSO offers a Password Reset Service. Please follow the instructions described below.

Please, verify the fingerprints of the certificates, if your browser requests you to confirm a certificate while accessing OpenSSO for the first time. The Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin (FUB-CA) Certification Authority lists all valid certificates and their fingerprints issued for the EDIT Identity Provider running OpenSSO.

If the browser shows an error stating something like "invalid security certificate" or "certificate error", please read the documentThe "Invalid Security Certificate Problem".

After having logged in successfully to the OpenSSO console users can do the following things

Editing Profile

Users can manage their profile to some extend.


In particular, the options Password and Password Reset Options might be important.

Important Note::

Please check if the profile contains a valid email address ! Any user account will be inactivated or deleted by the EDIT Federation Administrator (suhrbier(at), whenever an email will be returned as undeliverable !

Currently, besides First name, Last name and email address, any other profile attributes are more or less optional.

Password Change

In order to change your password, please select Edit on the Password field. The following dialog permits to change your password.


Password Reset

The Password Reset form enables users to change their answer to the Password Reset Question, which has to be answered correctly during the Forgotten Passwords procedure.

Therefore, please select Edit on the _Password Reset Options_field. In the following dialog, you may configure your individual answer to the Password Reset Question (current project).

[!OpenSSO-User-Password|Reset Options.png!]

Forgotten Passwords

In case of a forgotten password, please access the Password Reset Service

First, please enter your user id.


Next, give the correct answer to the Password Reset Question. Meanwhile, the question has changed to current project.

Initially, the correct answer will probably sent to you by the EDIT Federation Administrator (suhrbier(at) If you have modified the Password Reset Question Answer, then you will have to enter that modified answer.


Finally, you will get an confirmation and will receive two emails, one of them contains the new password. For that, a valid email address is required within your user profile.

[!OpenSSO-Password|Reset Confirmation.png!]

For any questions, please contact the EDIT Federation Administrator (suhrbier(at)

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