SimpleSAMLphp": is an award-winning, SAML based single sign-on framework written in native PHP. Beside others, the main focus of SimpleSAMLphp is on providing support for SAML 2.0 Service Provider, Identity Provider and Discovery Service. The development is led by "UNINETT which delivers network connections and services to Norwegian universities, university colleges and research institutions.

Within EDIT, using SimpleSAMLphp is envisioned for any services which can not be enabled for using the Shibboleth module for the Apache Web Server. Nevertheless, it support quite any required features, is well documented and may also be used instead of the current Shibboleth solution.

Please find currently available EDIT related information on SimpleSAMLphp on the following pages:

(Deprecated) SimpleSAMLphp Installation (Debian Etch)-::

Detailed installation instructions for SimpleSAMLphp on a Debian Etch system.

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