Current EDIT Federation Members

This document includes the current list of servers and services, which are members of the EDIT Federation and thus, allow EDIT users to login via Community Single Sign-On (CSSO).

Please note, that service providers may restrict access to certain services. So, it may be possible that some users or group members are not allowed to use specific services or functionalities on given servers.

Identity Provider

Identity Providers (IdP) are hosts which are permitted to conduct user authentication in favour of the EDIT Federation. So, when accessing EDIT Service Providers (SP) without valid authentication, then users will be redirected to one of them for login first, before they can access the requested service.

The column IdP shows the name of the IdP , Host denotes the IdP's host name, IdP Software shows the software used to realise the IdP functionality, User Profile Access provides a link (if yes) to access personal user profiles, and Password Reset Service provides a link (if yes) where EDIT users may reset their passwords.

| IdP | Host | IdP Software | User Profile Access | Password Reset Service |
| EDIT Identity Provider | | OpenSSO | yes": | "yes |

Service Provider

Service Providers (SP) represent services, which require user authentication in order to permit access to specific resources or actions on the service. Therefore, they will redirect users to an Identity Provider first, before granting non-public access to these services.

The column Service includes a link to the given service, Host denotes the SP's host name, SP Software shows the software used to realise the SP functionality and Software states the software running the offered service.

| Service | Host | SP Software | Software |
| EDITExpertNet | | Shibboleth | Drupal |
| EDIT Developer Tools | | Shibboleth | Trac |
| Cichorieae Portal | | Shibboleth | Drupal |

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