[OpenSSO]( (OpenAM) )

At the beginning of the EDIT project, [OpenSSO]( has been evaluated as the most suitable Identity Provider (IdP) software. As Oracle": took over "SUN": and gave up maintaining the community version of OpenSSO, "ForgeRock": took over but had to rename the community version to "OpenAM) .

EDIT is currently using the most recent community version of [OpenSSO]( During the next upgrade, we will probably switch to current version of OpenAM) .

Please find currently available EDIT related information on OpenSSO on the following pages:

OpenAM(OpenSSO) installation instructions on Debian Lenny::

Detailed installation instructions for OpenSSO on a Debian Lenny system.

OpenSSO Federation Setup::

Detailed instructions on how to set up a federation within the OpenSSO console interface.


Documentation of the basic OpenSSO user interface for EDIT users.

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