While EDIT CSSO was in planning stage, [Shibboleth": was the reference implementation of the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML)] standard family. Currently, "Shibboleth]( is the recommended Service Provider implementation for EDIT. Unfortunately, the its Identity Provider implementation does currently not support Single Logout functionality. So, we are using [OpenSSO] as Identity Provider implementation instead.

Shibboleth": is an Internet2 Middleware Initiative project that has created an architecture and open-source implementation for federated identity-based authentication and authorization infrastructure based on SAML.It is an "Middleware Initiative": project and has been under development since 2001. As a stable tool build on accepted security standards such as SAML, it has been promoted by the National Science Foundation's Middleware Initiative (NMI), the Middleware Architecture Committee for Education (MACE) and the "Higher Education Funding Council for England together with JISC": "Shibboleth was particularly popular within the higher education community and becomes more and more accepted in commercial environments as well.

Please find currently available EDIT related information on Shibboleth on the following pages:

Shibboleth Service Provider (SP) v2.3.x Installation on Debian Lenny ::

Detailed installation instructions for EDIT Shibboleth Service Providers on a Debian Lenny system.

The Shibboleth Protocol::

General description of the Shibboleth Protocol.

(Deprecated) Shibboleth Identity Provider (IdP) Setup on Debian Etch ::

Detailed installation instructions for EDIT Shibboleth Identity Providers on a Debian Lenny system.

(Deprecated) Shibboleth Service Provider (SP) Installation on Microsoft Windows ::

Brief installation instructions for Shibboleth Service Providers on a Windows system.

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