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This page is dedicated to the discussion and refinement of the major platform architecture decisions

Platform Design Draft

The design draft has been accepted by the ISTC, but the latest thoughts, still under constant development, are described in this wiki.

As a good introduction to the platform you should also read the CommunityWebsites.

For more details please read about the Common Data Model and Major Platform Components as linked in the menu, especially:

The EDIT Platform for Cybertaxonomy


The folowing diagram gives a good overview about the planned components in the entire platform, described in the architecture document.

EDIT Internet Platform for Cybertaxonomy Draft Design.pdf (135 KB) Malte Ebach, 08/30/2007 09:54 AM

components.png View (143 KB) Markus Döring, 02/27/2008 01:33 PM

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