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01:15 PM Edit bug #8764 (New): moving subtree results in NPE
Moving a subtree in character editor results in NullPointerException.
This problem again comes with null values in...


10:36 AM Edit bug #8757 (Resolved): ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in term combo
10:34 AM Edit bug #8757 (Closed): ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in term combo
… im Details View, beim Versuch Leaf length über Facts View einzugeben. Leaf length hat recommendedMeasurementUnit „...
09:54 AM Edit Revision 8af14eec (taxeditor): fix IndexOutOfBoundsException in TermComboElement


10:51 AM Edit Revision dce889fe (taxeditor): case insensitive sorting in vocabulary combo


03:27 PM Edit bug #8748 (Resolved): Supported state vocabularies should be ordered
This should be fixed now, please review.
03:21 PM Edit Revision edca2436 (taxeditor): ref #8748: fix filter, change combo from ccombo to combo
12:40 PM Edit feature request #7701: Add link to typified name on specimen page of data portal
maybe this is already solved


01:58 PM Edit Revision fe281c15 (taxeditor): ws for biocase provider moved
01:41 PM Edit feature request #8750 (New): Write tests for service layer methods getting the specimens for an a...
The service method for getting all specimen for an associated taxon needs tests:
The method should return all spec...

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