UTIS Webapp Developer Information


At the example of jetty8 in Debian like systems:


Java runtime environment 1.8

setting up with docker-compose

here we are using the official jetty:9.4-jre8-slim docker image that is provided by the jetty project on Docker hub

Requirement: Install docker and docker-compose

mkdir /opt/jetty9-docker
cd /opt/jetty9-docker

create user and group that are expected in the jetty9.4 container with the respective UID

addgroup --quiet --system jetty
adduser --quiet --system --ingroup jetty --no-create-home --disabled-password --uid 999 jetty

create a docker-compose.yaml file with the following content:

version: "2.0"
        restart: unless-stopped
        image: jetty:9.4-jre8-slim
        - "8080:8080"
        - ./webapps:/var/lib/jetty/webapps
        - ./log:/usr/local/jetty/log
        - ./utis:/var/lib/jetty/utis
        user: jetty

create the folders to be bound to the container

mkdir log utis webapps

copy the utis war file to the webapps folder

cp $WORKSPACE/target/eubon-utis.war webapps/eubon-utis.war

Set the permissions so that the user jetty has read and write access to these folders:

chown -R jetty:jetty log utis webapps
chmod 774 jetty:jetty log utis webapps

start the docker container

docker-compose up -d

Service end-point URLs

utis controllers:

swagger api-doc REST service at:

swagger ui at:


Since version 1.3 on linux systems the logfiles are located at /var/log/utis. Previous versions of utis put the logfiles in /var/log/jetty8.
The ContextDependentInitializer may choose to place the logs into another directory if it is not possible to write the logs into /var/log/utis.
Please refer to this class for further details.


Running in dev mode

UTIS can be configuired for easier development. This encompasses two java system properties which can be specifed by passing environment variables to the jvm:


-DexcludedClients=[Client class simple names comma separated]

The client adapters identified by their simple class name will be disabled. See org.bgbm.utis.controller.UtisController line 9ff for implementation details.



will disable the named clients "EUNIS_Client,GBIFBackboneClient,PlaziClient" which have time and cpu consuming startup phases.


This option will cause the to completely skip the continiuous updating of the the cached data which
is otherwise fetched from the source on a periodic base:


Using swagger

On Spring MVC

Content Negotiation Using Spring MVC

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