Developer Tools Setup and Maintenance

The developer tools covered by this page are collaborative tools like subversion, and Trac. Applications for individual work like Eclipse, Firefox, Maven, Cygwin, etc. are covered by DeveloperApplications

User accounts the collaborative developer tools are managed as regular EDIT accounts which can be created and managed via the EDIT user create form .


The EDIT subversion repository is located at

It is also available through Trac for simple web browsing (but NOT usable for SVN clients!)

You can checkout source code anonymously, but your EDIT login needs to be registered with the system in order to commit. If you feel you need write access, please send a mail to AndreasMueller.

To checkout the cdmlib component for example, type this into your terminal (windows users take a look at tortoise, see link in resources)

% svn co

Repository layout

The repository contains 3 standard folders: trunk, branches and tags. As the different activities in EDIT share the same repository, all those 3 standard svn folders should have the same substructure on the immediate level below reflecting the component being developed. For example this is the layout of the cdmlib component:

    cdmlib/    # the active development folder
    cdmlib/     # the folder used to store fixed version of the cdmlib, usually releases


The trunk/head version for the latest version and active development. Please commit frequently to the trunk, in general at least once per day sounds like a good idea!


Folder containing side branches of the main trunk development line

  • When Merging 2 branches, a branch and the trunk or whatever you should always leave a note about the used revision numbers (for the branch(es) and the diff being applied) in the comments of the merging. Otherwise future merging could be problematic!


Folder to store releases or other stable version for referencing.

  • Releases should be tagged: release-1.0.0 As a build number for any release it is convenient to use the subversion revision number, as it is unique within the entire repository.


The book ** Version Control with Subversion ** is a very good and complete documentation of subversion available online and for printing.

The project home of subversion can be found at:

Good clients clients include:

Advanced subversion configuration:

Server Configuration

see wiki:ApacheMySQLAuthentication#Subversionwmod_auth_mysql


The Wiki

use the wiki for documenting work in progress and to collaborate.

If you are new to a wiki please start by reading this:

  • WikiFormatting

  • WikiPageNames

  • WikiNewPage

  • TracLinks

  • TracWiki

You can mess around and test the wiki formatting on this dedicated page:


Eclipse Integration

Our Trac installation has a wiki RPC interface enabled that allows you to modify wiki pages from within Eclipse. To use this feature please install the following plugin and open the new "Trac" perspective in Eclipse:

see for more


you can copy paste tables from/to excel if you use the following macro in TRAC:

--- your copy-paste data here ---


For example the following text

Name    Town    Dog Cat
Peter   London  Stevie  -
Carol   Boston  -   Darren
Harald  Berlin  Friedrich   Doris


results in this:

Name    Town    Dog Cat
Peter   London  Stevie  -
Carol   Boston  -   Darren
Harald  Berlin  Friedrich   Doris

See TracNotification for email support.

Tickets & Milestones

manage your own work by issuing tickets for tasks to do or use tickets to remember bugs and feature requests for your software development.

In order to assign a ticket to another user, use the account name of that user which is listed at the top of this page

Feature Requests
Eclipse Integration w/ Mylyn

Mylyn comes with the standard Eclipse Europa edition and allows you to manage your tickets from within Eclipse.

Server Configuration

see wiki:ApacheMySQLAuthentication#Tracwmod_auth_mysql

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