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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version Category Tags
8515 task New Priority14 Remaining registation UI tasks Andreas Kohlbecker phycobank Actions
8514 task New Highest remove all PhycoBank redmine instances Andreas Kohlbecker Actions
8397 task New Highest Algae Names Index - presentation Andreas Kohlbecker DataPortal Actions
8361 task Resolved Highest release portal vs. test portal Wolf-Henning Kusber DataPortal phycobank Actions
8356 feature request In Progress New Algae Names Index - implementation Andreas Kohlbecker Actions
8102 task New New typedsignations without status Wolf-Henning Kusber Datacleaning phycobank Actions
8085 task New Highest Decide on a data schema to use for submitting nomenclatural acts to the cdm web service Andreas Kohlbecker Digital publisher workflow implementation Workflow Actions
7891 task New New deduplicate names Wolf-Henning Kusber Datacleaning Actions
7812 task Resolved New Umgang mit invaliden höheren Taxonnamen für die Klassifikation Wolf-Henning Kusber phycobank Actions
7808 task New Highest Further name duplicates Wolf-Henning Kusber Data cleaning phase 2 Datacleaning phycobank Actions
7748 task Resolved Highest Genus name duplicates, Genus without reference Wolf-Henning Kusber Data cleaning phase 2 Datacleaning phycobank Actions
7684 task Feedback Highest meaning of status rejected and according workflow Wolf-Henning Kusber Workflow phycobank Actions
7400 feature request New New Handling orthographic variants in PhycoBank Andreas Kohlbecker Actions
7192 task Feedback Highest DwC-A of phycobank names for GBIF Wolf-Henning Kusber Actions
7014 bug New Priority05 Support for ORCID person ids in phycobank Wolf-Henning Kusber Workflow Actions
7012 task In Progress New Workflow with Pensoft Andreas Kohlbecker Digital publisher workflow concept Workflow Actions
6508 bug New Priority10 Rule: All TypeDesignations of a Registration must share the same citation and citationMicroreference Andreas Kohlbecker Validation Actions
6506 task New Priority10 Check if a genus has been used before in botany and zoology Validation Actions
6505 task New Priority10 Check if type names have never been used as type name before Validation Actions
6167 task In Progress New Strategy to avoid locking of names Wolf-Henning Kusber Workflow Actions
6014 task New New Use cdmlib validation framework for algae names Validation Actions
6013 task New New Abgleich von Algennamen mit externen Quellen Actions

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