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06:46 PM Edit feature request #8193 (New): TaxonNamePopupEditor: add select form element for Nomenclatural status
Enable to add a nomenclatural status from a subset of status (see TaxEditor).
Exception invalid name in valitation =...


07:31 PM Edit feature request #7975: improve display of name relations
Examples correctly in PhycoBank as use case for output improvement:
Example Validation


06:02 PM Edit feature request #8186 (Duplicate): List view order
List view in Vaadin should be arranged from new (high registration numbers) to old.
05:51 PM Edit feature request #8185 (Feedback): Type layout
Type (as is):
Holotype: (BM BM123)
should be:
Holotype: BM (BM123)
see for example: https://www.phycobank...
05:45 PM Edit bug #8184 (New): SpecimenTypedesignationEditor: add new specimen broken Chrome browser
In Vaadin, type specimen editor a new line is created when a typ is selected.
This functions in FireFox. This does n...


06:26 PM Edit bug #8179 (New): PopupEditorException
Type name editor, PopupEditorException
when saving a name type of a genus
in Workingset


02:22 PM Edit feature request #8177 (New): Discuss: Mother of a type specimen
How to store?


01:41 PM Edit bug #8149: ReferenceEditor: filter inReferences ONLY by applicable reference type suppess Generic...
Related problem:
if e.g. "Phytotaxa" is tiped into the dopdown menue field, "Phytotaxa" is not selected, I have to s...


07:17 PM Edit feature request #8172 (New): Discuss: Cite an image of the holotype
Probem: in Micoalgae, a type specimen can be designated, but nobody knows how the taxon looks like. E.g. Two differen...


10:34 AM Edit bug #8149 (New): ReferenceEditor: filter inReferences ONLY by applicable reference type suppess G...
In reference type = article
Drop down of Journals should only search for entries = journal (not for all references)

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