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03:30 PM Edit Revision a296b200 (cdmlib): ref #8169 adding missing @Transactional to VersionableServiceBase.isD...
03:29 PM Edit bug #8169: avoid factory.openSession() in DaoBase
VersionableServiceBase.isDeletable misses the @Transactional(readOnly = true) annotation!
03:25 PM Edit bug #8169: avoid factory.openSession() in DaoBase
Here is a case found in the server log (occurred 6x in a couple of hours):
[phycobank] 2019-03-15 10:27:44,...


12:30 PM Edit Revision a3c9dcce (cdm-server): cdmlib-developer.log to be ignored by git
12:29 PM Edit Revision 14a235fc (cdm-server): ref #8173 setting in the cdm-sever bootloa...
12:17 PM Edit Revision 42b67a16 (cdmlib): Revert "ref #8173 removing 'remoting' profile activation from ide lau...
This reverts commit 027eaf7c3181f62d725e7b5a677284f07cd5b43b.
12:16 PM Edit Revision dd0d18ea (cdmlib): Revert "ref #8173 activation of profile remoting in the web.xml"
This reverts commit f2d3f4d37174244ca577203d1228256c6f787a29.
09:36 AM Edit bug #8176 (Resolved): WeaklyRelatedEntityCombobox is slow
test TaxonNamePopupEditor Genus field, replaced Synonym and Basionym also some ToManyRelatedEntitiesComboboxes and T...
09:31 AM Edit Revision aec76ebb (cdm-vaadin): ref #8176 removing workaround with bad performance which was need...
09:02 AM Edit Revision eb8d2f54 (cdm-vaadin): ref #8176 bugfix in TaxonNameStringFilterablePagingProvider.idFor()

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