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05:55 PM Edit feature request #8304 (New): Name page redirects to according taxon depending on query parameter
As requested in #8108 the redirection behavior of the name page to the related taxon (if there is only one) should be...


11:36 PM Edit bug #6523 (Resolved): misspellings: display order of for- and to-taxon swapped
Dies sollte nun soweit in Ordnung sein.
Es gibt jedoch noch offene Fragen:
1. Ist es richtig, dass die "is miss...
11:06 PM Edit Revision 7efd13a9 (cdm-dataportal): implementing misspelling for ref #6523; implementing name rel...
06:10 PM Edit bug #6523 (Feedback): misspellings: display order of for- and to-taxon swapped
sollen misspellings ├╝berhaupt in der form "non ... nec ..." dargestellt werden?
06:07 PM Edit Revision 1636cc86 (cdm-dataportal): fixing regression ref #5697: including conserverd against in ...
04:31 PM Edit Revision 96614dfe (cdm-dataportal): ref #4177 test for improved and more consistet implementation...
04:13 PM Edit feature request #7975: Implement a block to display name relations
fully implemented an ready for review
04:12 PM Edit feature request #8196: display ortographic corrections in name relations as 'corrected name: <nam...
one little bit is missing: we need to set the inverse label of the relationsip term to "corrected name" in the database.
03:52 PM Edit Revision b465e8d2 (cdm-vaadin): bugfix related to initstrategy
03:40 PM Edit feature request #6678: [DISCUSS] How to correctly show name relationship "orth. var." in dataportal
since different projects my require different representation. See for example #7975 where "has orthographic variant" ...

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