TaxEditor with Ulteo

OUTDATED: ULTEO is not used anymore for TaxEditor

How to update the Taxonomic Editor on the Ulteo Open Virtual Desktop (OVD) Server

  • Log into via ssh. This Virtual Machine hosts the Ulteo OVD Server.

  • Download the Taxonomic Editor zip file (e.g., i.e. using wget.

  • Unpack the Taxonomic Editor zip file in folder /opt/ulteo/opt.

  • chmod 775 TaxonomicEditor and * in the root of the unpacked directory

  • Change the old release directory to EDITor_old and rename the unpacked directoty to EDITor

  • Create a news item in ulteo about the release

If neither the name of the executable nor its folder name have changed, that's all you have to do to update the Taxonomic Editor on the Ulteo OVD Server.

If one of the names did change, you have to change the appropriate entries for a Static Application in the Administration Interface as well.

Please refer to ProvideApplicationOnUlteo for a detailed description how to do that.

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