Comparison Berlin Model - TCS

TCS has 6 slots

  • metaData

  • specimen

  • publications

  • taxonNames

  • taxonConcepts

  • taxonRelationshipAssertions


| |BM |TCS|
|nomenclaturalCode |Not existing ( or existing in Reference as “nomStandard”) |Existing as an attribute|
|isAnamorphic |Not existing |Existing as an attribute (use for some fungus)|
|simple |nameCache /FullNameCache |Both existst (“nameCache” is to be found in |
|rank |Foreign Key to a controlled voc. |String or code (controlled voc.) |
|uninomial / Suprageneric|Suprageneric only used for taxa above genus rank |Uninomial used for genus and above |
|Genus |genus |genus (to be used for genus rank??)
|genusSubdivisionEpi |genusSubdivisionEpi (not together with speciesEpi) |infragenericEpithet (not together with specificEpithet)|
|specificEpithet |speciesEpi |specificEpithet |
|infraspecific_Epithet |infraSpeciesEpi |infraspecificEpithet |
|cultivarName(Group) |cultivarName and cultivarNameGroup |Only cultivarNameGroup |
|simple Authorship |not existing |obligate |
|authorship |author, exAuthor, basAuthor, exBasAuthor |Authorship or (basionymAuthorship and combinationAuthorship) combinationAuthorship might be neglected as usual in zoology (but against code!) |
|authorship - Year |not existing (except for EDIT version) |facultative|
|authorship - agentNames |Facultative, detailed information |facultative, String, role and link, no more information|
|nomRef |nomRefFk to a |publishedIn (as a link e.g. to a publication) and microReference and Year|
|typification |not really existing yet |typeVouchers and typeNames
| typeVouchers | |For species and below:
typeOfType (attribute),voucherReference,lectotypePublication, lectotypeMicroReference |

| typeName | |above species: nameReference, lectotypePublication, lectotypeMicroReference|
|relName and nomStatus |relName and nomStatus are stored in 2 tables |spellingCorrectionOf, basionym, conservedAgainst, laterHomonymOf, spellingCorrectionOf, basedOn, sanctioned, replacementNameFor, publicationStatus

All relations have the following facultative attributes: rule considered, note, related name, reference + microreference

This differs from BM as in BM the Berlin Model doesn't use the rule considered but the string expression used for the relation (e.g. nom. nov.) that may point to different rules|

|providerLink |nameSourceRefFk (Link?) |providerLink |
|providerSpecificData |ot existing |providerSpecificData |
|homotypic Synonyms |on Name level as relName("basionym" or "replaced synonym") and on Taxon level as status("synonym") and relTaxon("is homotypic synonym of")|only on name level by using basionym or replacementNameFor relationship|

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