CDM Milestones

The cdm projects are currently managed according to the Kanban Method We are using a couple of Milestones to organize the product backlog and the coming releases:

  • Current CDM tickets (unassigned): Tickets that need discussion and assignment during the next ticket assignment meeting.

  • ** - Reviewed Next Major Release*: Reviewed Ticket, that do not need to be reviewed at the moment, This currently is the ticket backlog until the ** - Next Major Release* milestones are cleaned up completely. Tickets from these milestones will be chosen according to their priority and will be moved to the Release {version} milestones.

  • ** - Next Major Release*: Tickets that need to be reviewed. These are the old messed up ticket backlogs which need to be reviewed

  • Release {version}: Tickets that are to be solved for the release with the names version number

When putting any ticket into a milestone the priority is very important. The priority determines when a ticket will be further processed. the following list of priorities gives a hint on how to interpret the priority levels in terms of when a ticket will be processed. In other words: When you will start working on it.

The judgement of setting the priority level should be based on the following points.

  • The main driving force should be the urgency of the ticket based on the knowledge related to the problem. Anyone who has knowledge regarding the impact of the ticket must contribute to the decision on the priority.

  • In some cases, tickets which are judged to be easy to solve can be pushed up the priority so that they are fixed in the upcoming release(s).

  • The various priority levels should be used with a balanced spread, so that we do not end up with most tickets at high priority.

where to put new tickets?

  • Tickets that need discussion regarding their priority or which need quick assignment by someone go into Current CDM tickets (unassigned)

  • Tickets that have time to be solved will go into ** - Reviewed Next Major Release* so that they will be picked up by the regular ticket review process after some time.

  • Tickets that are urgent go into the Release {version} milestone

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