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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version Category Tags
8845 bug Closed Highest external links: GGBN not shoing up in admin section Andreas Kohlbecker Release 5.13 cdm-dataportal
8838 bug Rejected New misapplied names without authors ar not found Andreas Müller Unassigned CDM tickets cdmlib euro+med search
8829 bug Closed Highest NullPointerException (NPE) in TaxonNodeService Andreas Müller Release 5.13 cdmlib
8810 bug Closed Highest In taxeditor parts without permissions should be disabled Katja Luther Release 5.12 taxeditor euro+med
8809 bug Closed Priority14 CdmLight Export area without level results in NPE Katja Luther Release 5.12 cdmadapter
8808 bug Closed Highest Cdm-Light Export fix name identifier export Katja Luther Release 5.12 cdmadapter
8804 bug Worksforme New taxeditor hangs when creating a new classification Katja Luther taxeditor
8801 bug Closed New Deselected menu items are not reactivated in navigator Katja Luther Release 5.12 taxeditor
8800 bug Closed New If supplemental data view shows reference it is not possible to select another reference Andreas Müller Release 5.12 taxeditor
8797 bug Closed Highest Navigator tree collapse after moving taxon node Katja Luther Release 5.12 taxeditor
8780 bug Closed New Repair sortindex does not work on TermTree index Andreas Müller Release 5.12 cdmlib additivity
8770 bug Closed Highest NameControllers responds with all entities when name uuid is not found Andreas Kohlbecker Release 5.12 cdmlib-remote
8763 bug Duplicate New Remaining issues for "Move term" in term editor Katja Luther taxeditor
8757 bug Closed New ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in term combo Katja Luther Release 5.12 taxeditor
8748 bug Closed New Supported state vocabularies should be ordered Katja Luther Release 5.12 taxeditor additivity
8746 bug Rejected Highest Multiple representations problem on saving Matrix Editor Andreas Kohlbecker taxeditor additivity multiple-representations-problem
8745 bug Closed Highest Type designations of synonyms missing on specimen page Katja Luther Release 5.12 cdm-dataportal
8744 bug Closed New LazyInitializationException (LIE) saving the Character Editor Patrick Plitzner Release 5.12 taxeditor additivity
8738 bug Closed Priority14 CdmLink.startPos and .endPos should allow Null Andreas Müller Release 5.12 cdm
8737 bug Closed Highest delete taxon included in two classifications deletes taxonname Andreas Kohlbecker Release 5.12 cdmlib
8736 bug Closed New LazyInitializationException (LIE) during adding Specimens to Matrix Editor Patrick Plitzner Release 5.12 taxeditor additivity
8735 bug Duplicate New Character Node Editor: allow line breaks at slashes in structure representation Katja Luther taxeditor UI
8732 bug Duplicate New Descriptive Data Set Navigator: label not refreshed after change in Descriptive Dataset Editor Andreas Kohlbecker Release 5.12 taxeditor UI
8731 bug Closed Highest BioCase Specimenimport: empty result list and SWTException:Invalid thread access in search results Andreas Kohlbecker Release 5.12 taxeditor
8719 bug Closed Highest installation profile 'CDM_Portal' causes Integrity constraint violation: 1048 Column 'pages' cannot be null Andreas Kohlbecker Release 5.12 cdm-dataportal
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