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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Tags
6938 bug Resolved Priority14 Tasks before a new Euro+Med import Andreas Müller 05/19/2019 11:08 PM euro+med
7369 task Resolved Priority13 Handle taxonomically valueless taxa correctly Andreas Müller 05/19/2019 09:43 PM euro+med pesi
8285 feature request New Priority14 Handle taxonomically valueless taxa in data portal Andreas Kohlbecker 05/19/2019 09:43 PM euro+med
7790 feature request New Highest [DISCUSS] E+M: Language-Area Mapping Andreas Müller 05/18/2019 08:08 AM euro+med
8281 feature request In Progress Highest Doubtful flag for TaxonNode Andreas Müller 05/18/2019 07:51 AM euro+med
7786 bug Resolved Priority13 ERS: Try to solve those occurrence sources for which the reference number can not be resolved Andreas Müller 05/18/2019 07:49 AM euro+med
8278 bug Resolved Highest LazyInitializationException (LIE) in ReferenceEllypsisCaptionGenerator Andreas Kohlbecker 05/17/2019 04:13 PM phycobank
7965 feature request Closed Highest Registration search simplify type select options Andreas Kohlbecker 05/17/2019 04:11 PM phycobank
8284 feature request In Progress New starting a registration for an existing name causes the name editor to pop up in read only mode Wolf-Henning Kusber 05/17/2019 03:31 PM phycobank
7610 feature request Feedback Highest Type search in PhycoBank Portal Wolf-Henning Kusber 05/17/2019 03:22 PM phycobank
8279 bug Closed New ClassCastException in CdmUserHelper.user() Andreas Kohlbecker 05/17/2019 02:47 PM phycobank
8252 bug Feedback Highest reference ellypsis must not be applied to all reference types Wolf-Henning Kusber 05/17/2019 01:58 PM phycobank
8229 bug Feedback Highest reload of the bulkeditor does not work correctly Patrick Plitzner 05/17/2019 10:56 AM
8283 feature request Resolved New Allow adding media to terms in taxeditor Andreas Müller 05/17/2019 08:37 AM
8282 feature request New New Implement placementDoubtful in TaxEditor Katja Luther 05/16/2019 04:54 PM euro+med
8280 bug Closed Priority14 polyfills folder check in zen_dataportal/theme-settings.php fails when portal is installed in subfolder Andreas Kohlbecker 05/16/2019 04:51 PM
3982 feature request New Highest [Discuss] Update name in source data when moving a Description to another Taxon Andreas Müller 05/16/2019 04:18 PM euro+med migration
7448 task New Highest Replace auct. reference Andreas Müller 05/16/2019 04:08 PM euro+med
7447 bug Resolved Priority11 ERS: Fix misapplied name issues for E+M common names. Andreas Müller 05/16/2019 04:01 PM euro+med
7435 task In Progress Priority14 Handle also published in correctly Andreas Müller 05/16/2019 03:19 PM euro+med
7797 feature request New Priority14 Second nomenclatural reference Andreas Müller 05/16/2019 03:17 PM euro+med
7762 task New Highest E+M: Handle "{non ..." annotations for misapplied names currently handled as appended phrase Andreas Müller 05/16/2019 03:10 PM euro+med
7763 bug New Highest E+M (post?): Deduplicate "[non ..." blocking names for synonyms Andreas Müller 05/16/2019 03:08 PM euro+med
8277 bug New New Username (and other fields) should allow c&p Patrick Plitzner 05/16/2019 03:07 PM
7896 bug Closed Highest NPE, NullPointerException in RelationshipTermBase Andreas Müller 05/16/2019 02:46 PM
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