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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Tags
9832 feature request New New Make StatisticalMeasurementValues and StateData available in SupplementalData view Katja Luther 10/27/2021 06:49 PM additivity
7634 bug New New Timeout/Performance problems in Taxeditor Katja Luther 10/27/2021 06:01 PM performance RemoteAccessException
9816 bug Resolved New Implement correct handling of more than one element for a character Andreas Müller 10/27/2021 04:46 PM matrix additivity
6106 bug Closed New [Discuss] Handle rights and roles for CdmPreferences Andreas Müller 10/27/2021 04:28 PM security preferences
8343 bug Feedback New potential timezone problem in application stack Andreas Kohlbecker 10/27/2021 04:15 PM phycobank
8291 bug New New saving text with special characters throws exception Katja Luther 10/27/2021 04:06 PM
6162 feature request New New Implement "Forgot your password?" button in the Taxeditor connect dialog Katja Luther 10/27/2021 04:02 PM security
6161 feature request New Priority13 Service and webservice to recover forgotten passwords Andreas Kohlbecker 10/27/2021 03:59 PM security
6357 feature request New Priority14 Repair methods improvement Katja Luther 10/27/2021 03:57 PM
6865 feature request New Highest [DISCUSS] Separator for Code and Accession Number Andreas Müller 10/27/2021 03:47 PM salvador campanula specimen formatting
6548 bug Closed Highest NPE in DeduplicationHelper Katja Luther 10/27/2021 11:16 AM
6202 bug Worksforme New Disable "New" button in toolbar when editor is not connected Katja Luther 10/27/2021 10:50 AM
9814 bug Closed New Advanced search webservice for area throws NPE (mexico portal) Andreas Müller 10/27/2021 10:47 AM mexico
9831 bug Resolved New Exception in TermRepresentationUpdater if term does not exist Andreas Müller 10/27/2021 09:49 AM
9830 bug New Highest México Distrito Federal needs accent Andreas Müller 10/27/2021 09:21 AM
7200 bug Worksforme Priority14 México Distrito Federal spelling and ignore accents in area search Katja Luther 10/27/2021 09:13 AM
6978 bug Resolved New NPE in DefaultReferenceCacheStrategy Andreas Kohlbecker 10/27/2021 01:46 AM oaipmh hibernate_envers
6899 bug New New Genus names have empty protected authorshipcache (CoL) Andreas Müller 10/27/2021 01:41 AM col
6861 bug New New Number format exception in BHL Query when detail is not a pure number Andreas Kohlbecker 10/27/2021 01:38 AM
6768 bug Duplicate New NumberFormatException during BHL query Andreas Kohlbecker 10/27/2021 01:37 AM
6229 bug New New Implement multi-language support for MultiLanguage textes everywhere Katja Luther 10/27/2021 01:24 AM i18n
8869 feature request New New Multilanguage Support for terms in editor Katja Luther 10/27/2021 01:24 AM i18n
5936 feature request New New Multilanguage Support for TextData Andreas Kohlbecker 10/27/2021 01:15 AM mexico i18n
6476 bug New New Remove MediaRepresentation and MediaRepresentationPart from Referencing objects view Andreas Müller 10/27/2021 01:07 AM referencing-objects
9359 task In Progress Highest Update cdmlib and taxeditor dependencies Andreas Müller 10/27/2021 01:06 AM
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