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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Tags
10194 feature request Resolved Highest Allow specimens as source for factual data Andreas Müller 12/02/2022 09:11 PM mexico uzbekistan Actions
8132 bug Worksforme Highest phycobank cdm-server instance problems with db connections Wolf-Henning Kusber 12/02/2022 02:47 PM docker phycobank Actions
8170 bug New New javax.sql.DataSource.getConnection() implementation in WrappedCdmDataSource does not conform to the interface Andreas Müller 12/01/2022 06:42 PM Actions
10055 task New New Updates, upgrades and cleanup 2023 Andreas Müller 12/01/2022 10:45 AM Actions
10191 bug Resolved New Uninitialized string offset: -1 in drupal_substr() (line 640 of /var/www/drupal-7-cdm-dataportal/web/includes/ Andreas Müller 12/01/2022 09:54 AM Actions
10193 bug New New OutOfMemory exception when exporting mexico flora Katja Luther 12/01/2022 12:19 AM export memory cdmlight Actions
10190 bug Resolved New Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in order_fieldUnitDtos_by_date_and_type() Andreas Müller 11/30/2022 03:21 PM Actions
10182 bug In Progress New Portal does not show typespecimen for duplicated typedesignation Katja Luther 11/30/2022 02:59 PM fast Actions
10192 bug Resolved Highest External Links do not work in E+M Andreas Müller 11/30/2022 10:02 AM Actions
7699 bug In Progress Highest NPE in CdmTransientEntityCacher.getCacheElement() Andreas Müller 11/30/2022 09:55 AM Actions
9174 bug Duplicate New After longer inactivity NPE for cache Katja Luther 11/30/2022 08:38 AM Actions
10131 bug New New Improve media specimen formatting for type designations Andreas Müller 11/29/2022 07:08 PM formatting Actions
10179 bug New New Show collapse/expand icon in compressed table Katja Luther 11/29/2022 07:06 PM Actions
10156 feature request In Progress New Show field unit media in taxon image galleries Katja Luther 11/29/2022 07:04 PM media specimen Actions
10183 task Closed Highest Import Buxales via Cdm2Cdm Andreas Müller 11/28/2022 01:23 PM import Actions
10186 bug In Progress New Problems with session handling in taxeditor Katja Luther 11/28/2022 12:04 PM Actions
9584 feature request New Highest specimen page: character data displayed in details section Katja Luther 11/25/2022 09:50 AM specimen-page Actions
10189 task Resolved Priority14 Split CdmApplicationController into repository and application part Katja Luther 11/24/2022 06:16 PM remoting Actions
10188 bug New New Allow moving large subtrees Andreas Müller 11/24/2022 11:07 AM tree-index Actions
10187 task New New Use only 1 service call to initialize supplemental data Katja Luther 11/22/2022 03:09 PM performance Actions
10185 bug Duplicate New Missing OccurrenceStatus Type creates NPE when creating DTO Katja Luther 11/17/2022 03:42 PM Actions
5284 bug Duplicate Priority12 [UML] Replace Scope by DefinedTerm in PolytomousKey UML Andreas Müller 11/15/2022 09:19 PM Actions
9975 task Feedback New Create new UML diagramms for the CDM Belen Escobari 11/15/2022 09:14 PM documentation Actions
10050 feature request In Progress New Add missing functionality for MCL CDM dataportal Andreas Müller 11/15/2022 07:38 PM MCL Actions
8840 task New New Display identifiers in the dataportal Katja Luther 11/15/2022 07:37 PM MCL Actions
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