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7599 feature request In Progress Highest treeView for specimen data in dataportal Andreas Kohlbecker 08/14/2020 06:06 PM
9192 feature request New New Layout issues for source in taxonnode details Katja Luther 08/14/2020 05:59 PM
9116 feature request Resolved New Adapt Editor to switch to originalSource for all single sourced objects Andreas Müller 08/14/2020 05:38 PM
9191 task Closed New selenium test for specimen tree view (bottom up) Andreas Kohlbecker 08/14/2020 05:11 PM selenium
9173 bug Closed New NPE when move synonym into homotypical group of accepted Katja Luther 08/14/2020 12:54 PM
9065 feature request Feedback Highest Add derived unit media to DerivedUnitFacade details view Katja Luther 08/14/2020 12:53 PM
9168 bug Closed Highest NameFeature selection in preferences are not shown Katja Luther 08/14/2020 12:46 PM
9189 task New New Move datasource view to taxeditor.webapp Katja Luther 08/14/2020 11:48 AM
9188 feature request Closed Highest selenium web element wrapper for dynabox Andreas Kohlbecker 08/14/2020 11:29 AM selenium test
9186 task Closed New selenium test for specimen top down view (aka devivate_path view) Andreas Kohlbecker 08/14/2020 07:33 AM selenium
5752 feature request Resolved Highest Reduce TaxEditor size Katja Luther 08/13/2020 04:59 PM
9154 feature request New New Further reduce TaxEditor size by cleaning up dependencies and making taxeditor.webapp plugin optional Katja Luther 08/13/2020 04:50 PM
9190 feature request New New Make taxeditor.webapp a loadable plugin not installed by default Katja Luther 08/13/2020 04:46 PM
9132 task Resolved Highest Update cyprus images to Scaler default API and add thumbnails Andreas Kohlbecker 08/13/2020 04:38 PM
9152 feature request Feedback Highest PreferencesService caches CdmPreferences Andreas Kohlbecker 08/13/2020 03:22 PM
9134 feature request Feedback Priority14 Rule based creation of additional media representations "on the fly" Andreas Kohlbecker 08/13/2020 12:00 PM
9187 task New New selenium test for specimen tree view Andreas Kohlbecker 08/13/2020 11:55 AM selenium
8419 task New Highest harmonization of the different specimen representations Andreas Kohlbecker 08/13/2020 11:53 AM
9181 feature request Closed Highest set and get drupal variables from selenium test suite Andreas Kohlbecker 08/13/2020 11:35 AM test selenium
9135 feature request New New All media related web service end points with MediaUriTransformation and/or bestMatchingRepresentation filter Andreas Kohlbecker 08/13/2020 11:14 AM
9160 task New New Avoid modified media entities in IMediaToolbox.filterPreferredMediaRepresentations() Andreas Kohlbecker 08/13/2020 11:13 AM
8420 task Closed Highest improve admin settings for specimens representations Andreas Kohlbecker 08/13/2020 07:38 AM
9040 feature request Closed Highest Implement open button for ORCIDs Katja Luther 08/12/2020 04:37 PM
9166 bug Closed Highest ClassCastException when editing media in taxon bulkeditor Katja Luther 08/12/2020 04:05 PM
9171 bug Feedback Highest Doubtful taxa are not found in bulkeditor Katja Luther 08/12/2020 03:24 PM
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