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6679 bug Closed Highest search for misapplied names in portal does not work Andreas Kohlbecker cdm-dataportal Actions
6075 bug Closed New harmonize ' Enable auto-suggest' option with existing code Patrick Plitzner cdm-dataportal Actions
  cdm-vaadin 12 Collapse all/Expand all
7247 bug Closed Priority14 TypeDesignationSetManager must not bundle NameTypes in workingset Andreas Kohlbecker cdm-vaadin phycobank type designation Actions
7246 bug Closed Highest ToOneRelatedEntityReloader.valueChange() not triggered after editing bean chosen in ToOneRelatedEntityCombobox or ToManyRelatedEntitiesComboboxSelect Andreas Kohlbecker cdm-vaadin phycobank Actions
7240 bug Closed New Rename last name by family name and first name by "Other/given names" Andreas Kohlbecker cdm-vaadin phycobank Actions
7231 bug Closed Highest replace the SpringApplicationBus by Vaadin4Spring Event Bus in scoped contexts Andreas Kohlbecker cdm-vaadin phycobank Actions
7229 bug Closed New obsolte code in AbstractEditorPresenter.onEditorDeleteEvent? Andreas Kohlbecker cdm-vaadin phycobank Actions
7224 feature request Closed New PersonField: implement support for 'initials' field Andreas Kohlbecker cdm-vaadin Actions
7207 bug Closed Highest TeamOrPersonField and PersonField comboboxSelect is configurable to use different cache types Andreas Kohlbecker cdm-vaadin phycobank Actions
7195 feature request Closed Highest RegistrationWorkingsetEditor creates blocking relations for new basionym names Andreas Kohlbecker cdm-vaadin phycobank Actions
7174 bug Closed Highest SpecimenTypeDesignationWorkingsetEditor image reference add and edit problems Andreas Kohlbecker cdm-vaadin phycobank Actions
6811 bug Closed Highest View and according Presenter are initialized 3x Andreas Kohlbecker cdm-vaadin Actions
6740 feature request Closed Highest Popup Editor for NameTypeDesignation Andreas Kohlbecker cdm-vaadin phycobank Actions
6562 bug Closed Highest vaadin mvp framwork presenters without view Andreas Kohlbecker cdm-vaadin phycobank Actions
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7262 feature request Closed Highest add progress monitor to csv print export and cdm light export Katja Luther cdmlib Actions
7250 bug Closed New add null checks to TeamDefaultCacheStrategy Andreas Kohlbecker cdmlib phycobank Actions
  data 1 Collapse all/Expand all
7252 bug Closed New createdby_id often is null Andreas Kohlbecker data phycobank Actions
  taxeditor 9 Collapse all/Expand all
7263 bug Closed Highest Protected title cache for persons does not work Katja Luther taxeditor Actions
7237 bug Closed New Status are not deletable in TaxEditor distribution status Katja Luther taxeditor Actions
7234 feature request Closed New Make areas in TaxEditor distribution editor sortable Katja Luther taxeditor Actions
7076 feature request Closed New Add Nebula CompositeTable as direct dependency Patrick Plitzner taxeditor Actions
7030 bug Closed Highest Opening referenced object of type designation throws NPE Patrick Plitzner taxeditor eclipse4 Actions
7013 bug Closed Highest NonUniqueObjectException for setSecundumReferenceForSubtree Katja Luther taxeditor Actions
6786 bug Closed Highest Remaining feature tree editor issues Patrick Plitzner taxeditor Actions
6751 bug Worksforme Priority14 After shutdown error message in log file Katja Luther taxeditor Actions
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