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fa4763c1 01/14/2019 04:51 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #7972 FirstdataInserter adding ROLE_REMOTING to the editor groups

ee7aab02 10/12/2018 05:38 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #7709 fixing missing runAsAuthenticator for RunAsAdmin, TaxonGraphHibernateListener and test

f528c666 10/11/2018 09:07 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #7648 free configurable TaxonGraphHibernateListener ready

fb8a4982 10/10/2018 05:51 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fixing usage of wrong logger in RunAsAuthenticator

47bf9558 09/16/2018 04:27 PM Andreas Müller

make authenticationManager lazy to avoid circals during start up

11d3d7eb 06/14/2018 12:51 AM Andreas Müller

cleanup and remove rows(xxx) method

db727ae6 05/09/2018 01:21 PM Andreas Müller

fix #7405 Rename WorkingSet to DescriptiveDataSet

fdb3f084 05/07/2018 11:24 AM Katja Luther

add new longRunningTasksService for monitored operations

a88578ce 05/02/2018 02:00 PM Andreas Müller

ref #6241 replaced @created by @since in cdmlib

53db84af 04/23/2018 01:53 PM Andreas Müller

ref #6241 change @date to @since (fix)

7fa325bc 04/23/2018 01:49 PM Andreas Müller

ref #6241 change @date to @since

57178b7f 12/22/2017 03:57 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #7150 implementing CollectionVoter and adding new default PermissionGroup 'EditorExtendedCreate'

9c3b40bb 11/14/2017 12:31 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

typos and whitespace

d568d2bf 11/03/2017 04:16 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

reducing log level

2ff5539a 10/23/2017 01:33 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #6867 public access to RunAsAuthenticator methods

d14347e9 10/16/2017 04:05 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #7018 ref #7016 turning the not needed TypeDesignationVoter into a SpecimenOrObservationBaseVoter

126347d2 10/13/2017 06:16 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #7016 implementing TypeDesignationVoter and more robust permissions:

  • avoiding string based cdm authorities
  • full test set for CdmPermissionClass
a006a5d4 08/03/2017 04:07 PM Andreas Müller

fix #6880 allow explicitly define hibernate configurations in applicationController

  • e.g. switch of auditing for long running imports
337563aa 08/03/2017 04:04 PM Andreas Müller


c819a3e4 07/31/2017 09:48 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

fix #6856 adding group Admin to FirstDataInserter

be10b621 07/27/2017 10:48 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #6852 introducing a DummyDataInserter to be used instead of null

991541d2 07/25/2017 10:51 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #6852 RunAsAuthenticator as abstract base class for all data inserters

ede5b774 07/09/2017 04:38 PM Andreas Müller


c9369086 06/06/2017 12:40 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #6169 adding getService() method to CdmRepository

9dc896c9 06/03/2017 07:18 PM Andreas Müller

fix #6368 rename table and class TaxonNameBase

83a544c7 05/08/2017 08:31 AM Andreas Kohlbecker


70368530 05/04/2017 11:24 PM Andreas Müller

Merge branch 'develop' into feature/cdm-4.7


ff614835 05/03/2017 12:41 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

#6612 dao and service classes for the Registration class

  • service implementation incomplete
29d21df0 04/06/2017 01:26 PM Andreas Müller

adapt GrantedAuthorityImpl factory method

f3668224 02/26/2017 10:50 AM Andreas Müller

ref #6419 update bean name in CdmApplicationController

8c44775b 02/23/2017 10:48 AM Katja Luther

provide the new IRightsService in service layer

f8b4b762 02/16/2017 10:35 PM Andreas Müller


41356809 02/15/2017 09:55 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #6419 renaming ICdmApplicationDefaultConfiguration to ICdmRepository

be652f06 02/14/2017 10:01 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

fix #6419 renaming CdmApplicationDefaultConfiguration to CdmRepository

a24dbf07 02/02/2017 11:50 AM Katja Luther

emall fix for selection of reference as inreference

e15d2c8e 12/20/2016 02:29 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #6190 removing svn property place holder in first line of code - java files

d45008d0 12/20/2016 11:49 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #6190 removing svn property place holder in first line of code

92e52208 09/13/2016 11:48 AM Katja Luther

ref #5969: add PreferenceService to applicationController

8b8385d3 03/30/2016 01:46 PM Patrick Plitzner

Add IEventBaseService to application controller #5403

3dd6c00e 11/23/2015 04:13 PM Andreas Müller

Upgrade to hibernate 5 with persistence tests running #4716

c2cac51d 11/20/2015 06:45 PM Cherian Mathew

#5000 Add new metadata service

3087df1b 10/27/2015 04:24 PM Cherian Mathew

#5297 Refactor ProgressMonitorController, Add Remoting Progress monitor

#5297 Add progress monitor service, Add test services

#5297 Add monit import method

#5297 Update no. of work units

#5297 Add new thread class for remoting monitors

#5297 Add owner field to monitor thread and user checks in service...

f9656765 10/26/2015 03:12 PM Andreas Müller

Minor cleanup

c592b0aa 09/08/2015 05:54 PM Cherian Mathew

Add annotation service to application config

c31b52c2 06/24/2015 06:52 PM Andreas Müller

Add publisher role uuid and clean up FirstDataInserter #3979

05cdf24e 03/19/2015 02:49 PM Andreas Müller

merge validation2 and model 3.5 into trunk

9020c13d 01/08/2015 04:34 PM Andreas Müller

merge cdmlib-service from validation branch to trunk

5f9bff8b 04/04/2014 12:25 PM Cherian Mathew

adding temprary workaround for implementing remote controller

f5d25c32 03/31/2014 11:52 AM Patrick Plitzner
  • bundled services for molecular data in one package
    • added more tests
92b43465 03/31/2014 10:08 AM Patrick Plitzner
  • added IAmplificationService and ISequenceService
    • added service methods to move derivates from one to another
    • added test for move method
594277ce 03/17/2014 08:44 AM Patrick Plitzner
  • added IPrimerService and IPrimerDao with the corresponding implementations
    • interface supports the retrieval of UuidAndTitleCache lists for all primers in the DB
2e44ba1f 03/13/2014 05:04 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

adapting default permission goups according to #4111 (behaviour of TaxonEditor for users with limited grants [DISCUSS]) comment 8

0ad365ec 02/28/2014 11:45 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

implementing #4082 (implement default permission groups)

95f6bde7 02/20/2014 05:50 PM Cherian Mathew

CdmApplicationDefaultConfiguration : refactoring autowiring for datasource to allow for remoting

d543fd4d 02/14/2014 05:47 PM Cherian Mathew

CdmApplicationDefaultConfiguration : moved autowiring for sessionFactory and transactionManager from members to set functions
to allow for remoting
CdmApplicationController : catching UnsupportedOperationException for database service call to allow for remoting...

0092a4a5 02/13/2014 12:25 PM Cherian Mathew

reverting back the cdm application configuration refatoring

231a453c 02/12/2014 02:13 PM Cherian Mathew

refactoring cdm application configuration / controller to allow for remoting

48ccf94a 02/03/2014 11:57 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

introducting ICdmPermissionEvaluator

cfcdda3c 09/25/2013 03:12 PM Andreas Müller

change version ->3.3.0, move CdmMetaData, change schema version -> 20130924, fix TaxonServiceSearch test, update update-script

4fc358e2 09/19/2013 01:36 PM Andreas Müller


99e90985 04/18/2013 01:32 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

missing @Overrides

920a4d15 04/05/2013 02:29 PM Andreas Müller

add authentication to ICdmAppController

5b88307e 04/05/2013 01:29 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

central configuration of admin login and default password in eu.etaxonomy.cdm.config.Configuration - (missing bit)

80bf5d7b 04/05/2013 01:27 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

central configuration of admin login and default password in eu.etaxonomy.cdm.config.Configuration

a13c5f66 03/16/2013 01:30 AM Andreas Müller

Hibernate 4 migration. All test running except for SDDImport (Out of memory)

66634aaa 03/06/2013 01:17 AM Andreas Müller

update some further dependencies

0a71e914 02/28/2013 06:25 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

first implementation of TransmissionEngineOccurrence and basic test

99cd9158 10/23/2012 08:40 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

fixing problem with run-as authentication

7e19bd57 10/23/2012 08:40 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

fixing FirestDataInterter for non security contexts

f276371a 10/23/2012 08:40 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

using run-as authentication in firstDataInserter

66aeb5aa 10/23/2012 08:40 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

modifying FirstDataInserter for existing tests

89cf694f 10/23/2012 08:40 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

more genric way to insert first data (metadata, admin, ROLE_ADMIN)

8d8db278 10/23/2012 08:40 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

checking for admins role ROLE_ADMIN during startup of CdmApplicationController

f4cf248d 10/23/2012 08:40 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

fixing #3133 (security: Role, CdmAuthority and GrantedAuthorityImpl implement GrantedAuthority)

dbf39472 10/23/2012 08:40 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

fixing #3133

a0b9a4cd 10/05/2012 03:10 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

introducing enum for Roles

e273107e 10/02/2012 11:30 AM Andreas Müller

move save for admin

684af5fd 10/02/2012 11:29 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

adding authority to first user admin

04b569ef 09/13/2012 12:28 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

implementing GrantedAuthorityService for #2990 (implement missing parts of Groups admin details view)

5fb7d2db 09/11/2012 06:57 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

preparations for secutity implementation in taxeditor ApplicationController

ca5fe165 09/11/2012 01:14 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fixing #3094 (security: make PermissionEvaluator and/or methods available via ApplicationController) & also removing hasPermission() from IService

d18fc104 06/15/2012 04:06 PM Andreas Müller

enable omit termloading again

0c7ec417 03/26/2012 11:21 AM Andreas Müller

bugfix for failing compile, throw datassource not found

f7da7fb6 11/08/2011 11:55 PM Andreas Müller

bugfix for IOApplicatonControler static methods

c0700e4f 11/08/2011 11:55 PM Andreas Müller

bugfix for IOApplicatonControler static methods

24adfaec 11/02/2011 12:51 PM Katja Luther
5789f7e7 11/02/2011 10:46 AM Katja Luther
4abecbb7 10/10/2011 06:11 PM Andreas Müller

handle progress cancellation and step names

e8c7999b 10/10/2011 06:01 PM Andreas Müller

remove CancelException and use java.util.concurrent.CancellationException instead

79c0eaa0 10/10/2011 05:47 PM Andreas Müller

move progress monitoring into subpackage and add CancelException

a91e65bc 10/04/2011 06:38 PM Andreas Müller

add appImport applicationContext (add common monitors)

7d888907 10/04/2011 06:06 PM Andreas Müller

improved monitoring for application controller

51554665 09/29/2011 11:25 AM Katja Luther
6209d31c 09/29/2011 11:25 AM Katja Luther

application controller loading IoApplicationContext instead of DefaultApplicationContext

6e8d013a 08/23/2011 06:49 AM Andreas Müller

use uuid for missing term check

841978e5 08/22/2011 06:32 PM Andreas Müller

remove imports

8da31ea6 08/22/2011 06:14 PM Andreas Müller

Change default password to 5 digits

251d958d 04/26/2011 07:30 PM Andreas Müller

Use interface type for get/setCdmAppController in CdmDefaultIOBase (#2347)

b898b48f 04/04/2011 07:07 PM Andreas Müller

added getPolytomousKeyNodeService to application controller interface

655481e5 03/09/2011 04:36 PM Niels Hoffmann

Created a new service to handle group related stuff. The old implementation in UserService is still available but deprecated.