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Implement integration test for the SpecimenTypeDesignationWorkingsetEditorPresenter

Added by Andreas Kohlbecker over 6 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

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The SpecimenTypeDesignationWorkingsetEditorPresenter needs to perform business logic tasks and needs to configure the deletion of specimens correctly, see methods saveBean(SpecimenTypeDesignationWorkingSetDTO dto) and deleteTypeDesignation(SpecimenTypeDesignationDTO element) , this functionality should be covered with an integration test.

NOTE: The has been renamed to SpecimenTypeDesignationWorkingSetServiceImplTest

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I started with the implementation but faced a couple of problems with this. In order to test the presenter properly it is required to test it against a database, otherwise the delete and save operations can not be reliably tested. So using service mocks is not an option in this case.

For now I stopped this development since i am running out of time solving the remaining problems:

  • The data inserted by spring-test-dbunit via the @DatabaseSetup(value="SpecimenTypeDesignationWorkingsetEditorPresenterTest.xml") caused foreign key constraint conflicts with the data already existing in h2/cdmTest.db.

All development is now in a feature branch: feature/presenter-integration-tests

This branch contains the following developments:

  • support for scoped presnter beans by using vaadin-spring-ext-test
  • using spring-test-dbunit to replace unitils.dbunit which is not working well with vaadin-spring-ext-test
  • h2/cdmTest.db with data required by the registration ui procuced by the RegistrationRequiredDataInserter
  • new test applicationContext.xml
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completed and released in version 4.13


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