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2743a292 08/24/2015 01:02 PM Patrick Plitzner

Externalize strings

6560d987 08/24/2015 11:11 AM Patrick Plitzner

Warn user that URL will not be saved in bold and red (#5065, #5141)

72060b99 06/29/2015 02:26 PM Patrick Plitzner

Show abbreviated title cache for authors and refernce in taxon details

191f2328 06/29/2015 01:47 PM Patrick Plitzner

Show URI parsing exceptions below URI text field (fixes #5055, #5003, #4587)

0409a9a0 06/29/2015 01:35 PM Patrick Plitzner

Refresh view after media view has been switched

297bf978 06/24/2015 02:19 PM Patrick Plitzner

Empty text fields return empty string and not null

b48bc2d5 06/22/2015 02:58 PM Patrick Plitzner
  • fixed potential NPE
c0c6e635 06/22/2015 02:58 PM Patrick Plitzner
  • split off "Preparation/Preservation section" from dna sample general section
64528d1a 06/18/2015 03:04 PM Andreas Müller


c56aa276 05/28/2015 11:09 AM Katja Luther

fixing the disabling of the ToggleableTextElement when the titlecache is protected.

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