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2881e8c0 05/23/2012 06:43 PM Andreas Müller

Correct handling for multiple author teams (replace & by , )

ddcc6bff 05/07/2012 05:48 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fixing #2879 (Error when using the remote webservice function find NamebyNames)

d5addb78 05/04/2012 07:18 PM Alex Theys

AT: committing CDMLIB to Branch post Merge

47260ff3 04/25/2012 06:27 PM Alex Theys

AT: committing latest changes to the CDMLib to work from home and fix some outstanding issues

db248fd7 04/24/2012 04:09 PM Cherian Mathew

Changed 'getRelatedFrom()' and 'getRelatedTo' from protected to public for controller access

f3dbf920 04/23/2012 11:05 AM Alex Theys

AT: committing latest changes to the CDMLib (to be used by TaxonCache Strategy) during first round of Code review

5aa015c5 04/23/2012 10:32 AM Alex Theys

AT: committing latest changes to the CDMLib during first round of Code review

c3043250 04/13/2012 05:05 PM Alex Theys

AT: committing Palm extension changes to the CDM Libraries

e7da738f 04/12/2012 10:08 AM Andreas Müller

changed BacterialName warning to info

b69a683b 04/11/2012 02:03 PM Andreas Müller

add nameCache index

4840c05c 04/10/2012 01:22 PM Andreas Müller

improve logging for rank with no abbrev label

ad334d61 04/10/2012 11:52 AM Andreas Müller


b8a473d9 04/10/2012 11:52 AM Andreas Müller


99e894ed 04/10/2012 10:25 AM Katja Luther
4d10bc12 04/04/2012 09:27 PM Andreas Müller

add isLSID

63ff77ee 03/27/2012 02:00 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

harmonizing method names

e79f4fb2 03/16/2012 05:40 PM Andreas Müller

bugfix for nomRef date and failing cache strategy tests

231b3b98 03/16/2012 03:47 PM Andreas Müller

getDatePublishedString for Reference

f3e15e40 03/16/2012 03:47 PM Andreas Müller

update for reference cache strategies, not yet ready, see also

ee0aa79f 03/15/2012 03:54 PM Andreas Müller

bugfix titleCache for generic references with inReference

14c11f44 03/15/2012 02:05 PM Andreas Müller

implement nomenclaturalTitle for generic references (titleCache still missing)

fad642ed 03/14/2012 07:29 PM Alex Theys

AT: committing merge changes

43b314ef 03/14/2012 05:47 PM Andreas Müller

new getters for extensions

40f144d3 03/14/2012 10:31 AM Andreas Müller

bugfix for #2858

12ec48f6 03/12/2012 05:17 PM Niels Hoffmann

Fixes a problem with the new ID generator, that prevented the creation of new CDM objects

57a268c7 03/09/2012 02:52 PM Andreas Müller


df13735b 03/08/2012 09:20 AM Alex Theys

AT: Comminting bug fixing for TaxEditor(feature class), fixing the setup and tree viewer. also commiting fixes to the versions in the POM.xml s

ce4836cb 03/02/2012 04:11 PM Andreas Müller

add o with diaeresis to name parser

91bd636e 03/02/2012 03:13 PM Andreas Müller

Add e with diaresis to epithet parser

d264dc1e 03/02/2012 02:35 PM Andreas Müller

add hasMarker

e31693ac 03/01/2012 12:22 AM Andreas Müller

add comma before edition in cache strategy

1a12a202 02/27/2012 09:46 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ready to be reintegrated into trunk

b7878063 02/24/2012 02:35 PM Andreas Müller

bugfix for blank details with length > 0

b998e6f7 02/24/2012 11:24 AM Andreas Müller


0a504da2 02/22/2012 03:48 PM Alex Theys

AT: Creating a Branch to store changes for the Palm Use Data

fffa5334 02/22/2012 03:27 PM Andreas Müller


c80d0c70 02/21/2012 04:33 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

debugging output

727df204 02/20/2012 04:03 PM Andreas Müller

Implement proles and race for Berlin Model Import (#2794)

4346d80e 02/17/2012 05:06 PM Andreas Müller

toString for HTMLTagrules

4accc284 02/15/2012 01:40 PM Andreas Müller

remove import

88652d18 02/15/2012 12:01 AM Andreas Müller

bugfix for compile error in nameCacheStrategy

0b7c2a66 02/14/2012 05:41 PM Andreas Müller

add html tagged full title

01cfeac0 02/14/2012 05:19 PM Andreas Müller

remove bracket factory methods (brackets should be part of the name)

cd39ee88 02/14/2012 05:18 PM Andreas Müller

add brackets to infraGeneric epi part

b05927f2 02/14/2012 02:50 PM Andreas Müller

Correct override for getTitleCache with html tag rule

b124af8f 02/14/2012 02:48 PM Andreas Müller

move override method in base class

1f8c41de 02/14/2012 02:44 PM Andreas Müller

test again with override

ede15d48 02/14/2012 02:24 PM Andreas Müller

add html tagged title cache generation for NonViralNames

3fc6b87d 02/14/2012 10:34 AM Andreas Müller


339f78dc 02/14/2012 10:33 AM Andreas Müller

minor refactoring of cache name cache strategies and create ZooNameNoMarkerCacheStrategy

24b4ee2f 02/14/2012 09:57 AM Andreas Müller

minor javadoc

e21e244b 02/10/2012 06:15 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

old GeneratedValue in comment for documentation

bddf96f6 02/09/2012 04:34 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

code cleaning and better logging for debugging purposes

315f9a96 02/08/2012 07:56 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

Merging r13268 through r14040 from trunk/cdmlib into branches/cdmlib-unitils3

58725c01 02/07/2012 05:49 PM Andreas Müller

Spell Sicily correctly (#2766)

62727fb6 02/03/2012 01:50 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

h2 as test alternative database & potentially fixing #2100 (Fix tests not running in suite)

a50e271f 02/02/2012 11:42 PM Andreas Müller

bugfix for stateData.modifyingText (#2760)

9578b065 02/02/2012 02:41 PM Andreas Müller

bugfix for status duplication in name parser (#2750)

53dd0baf 02/01/2012 12:40 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

adding comment

65de75f8 01/18/2012 06:57 PM Andreas Müller

remove whitespace

5a18223d 01/16/2012 11:50 AM Niels Hoffmann
13b550a3 01/12/2012 06:09 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

hibernate fulltext search & refactoring getTaxaByName*() method headers

c5bc770f 01/11/2012 05:19 PM Andreas Müller

return type for getTaggedText

ad04d742 01/11/2012 05:19 PM Andreas Müller

convenience methods to TaggedText and TagEnum

3c8a8581 01/11/2012 03:53 PM Andreas Müller

toString for TaggedText

c4b0de68 01/10/2012 11:06 AM Lorna Morris

Added MODIFIABLE to MarkerType and MarkerType.csv

3b18d6a9 01/09/2012 06:37 PM Andreas Müller

bugfix for ordered term import

2167e889 01/06/2012 02:29 PM Andreas Müller

improved logging for ordered terms compare

847a56b3 01/06/2012 12:19 AM Andreas Müller

improve logging for OrderedTerm compare

a64c3feb 01/05/2012 11:51 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

fixing aspectj compile time error

a4e5320c 12/21/2011 04:13 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

harmonising whitespace tab->space

1120db75 12/21/2011 04:12 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

harmonising whitespace tab->space

22a09e94 12/21/2011 04:09 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

lucene search: multi instance configuration fixed, native lucene search, ....

a48aea07 12/21/2011 11:50 AM Katja Luther
9670c2e9 12/06/2011 01:49 PM Katja Luther

add method to find taxon for misapplied name

6586b4d7 11/22/2011 03:58 PM Andreas Müller

remove imports

c7db7d61 11/22/2011 03:57 PM Andreas Müller


2a04ae4a 11/22/2011 03:16 PM Andreas Müller

convenience method for editing states #2673

1e2f5c73 11/22/2011 02:39 PM Andreas Müller

Some new factory methods and new transient method categoricalData.getStatesOnly (with tests)

267662d3 11/22/2011 02:17 PM Andreas Müller

implemented getModifiers(TermVocabulary) on DescriptionElementBase

167b8899 11/22/2011 01:31 PM Andreas Müller

remove old commented code

7ff5425d 11/22/2011 01:23 PM Andreas Müller

added "hasMarker" to AnnotatableEntity

dccbaa3c 11/10/2011 12:05 AM Andreas Müller


d47874ae 11/10/2011 12:04 AM Andreas Müller

remove imports

bf7e9e0a 11/10/2011 12:03 AM Andreas Müller

remove imports

c5e559a0 11/10/2011 12:02 AM Andreas Müller

remove imports

be23f38b 10/26/2011 06:04 PM Andreas Müller

bugfix for Coordinate Parser with whitespaces, Dateparsing, etc.

77a59193 10/14/2011 05:15 PM Andreas Müller

improved "move synonym" (#2578), also adapted constructor of SynonymRelationship to adapt homotypic group of homotypic synonyms.

f21fe0c8 10/14/2011 11:27 AM Andreas Müller


fdb4c3db 10/12/2011 05:18 PM Niels Hoffmann

Make it implement Serializable

79c0eaa0 10/10/2011 05:47 PM Andreas Müller

move progress monitoring into subpackage and add CancelException

ad45fc6d 10/07/2011 03:58 PM Andreas Müller

Implement correct mapping between TaxonNameBase and TypeDesignationBase and add delete method for type designations to NameService (#2396, #2647)

8fe9a9f6 09/29/2011 12:52 PM Katja Luther
82bd5b00 09/29/2011 10:56 AM Andreas Müller

use \u2245 for congruent concepts

b8833305 09/28/2011 05:20 PM Andreas Müller

update concept relationship symbols (#2634) and some cleanup in database.update

6722dec6 09/28/2011 01:56 PM Andreas Müller

symbols for "All relationships" updated

eb21b49a 09/28/2011 01:25 PM Andreas Müller

Symbols for relations (#2634)

03dc7271 09/26/2011 05:50 PM Andreas Müller

Cascade.DELETE hybridChildRelations (#2616)

1e455b2d 09/26/2011 05:29 PM Andreas Müller


3b9f3bb4 09/26/2011 03:26 PM Andreas Müller

make uuidGenus public