feature request #7797

Updated by Andreas Müller 11 months ago

In E+M and other databases second or even more nomenclatural references exist or are required.

This is currently handled as name fact (freetext) but maybe should be handled structured. Possible solutions are

* OriginalSource with special source type
* additional nomenclatural source in TaxonName
* ???

Differing from first nom. ref. the second/additional source usually requires further operators. In E+M these are

* '&', 'or' and '=' (additional, alternative or same nom. ref.)
* also "emend." or "descr. in" exists
* n.v.
* or inval. desig. at end

The question is how these operations can be handled. If handled as original source we need a source type for each of them. Or we need an extra subclass of OriginalSource.
As additional nomenclatural source we could add the operator to the TaxonName class itself, additional to the source.

Also need to discuss, if we need structured second nom. ref. at all or if the current handling is enough.

Also we sometimes (but very rarely) >2 nom.refs. which is not covered by "additional nomenclatural source"


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