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Revision 703e8efc

Added by Cherian Mathew over 9 years ago

CdmRemoteCacheManager : added cache getter methods
CdmTransientEntityCacher, CdmEntitySession, CdmEntitySessionManager, ICdmEntitySession, ICdmEntitySessionManager, ICdmEntitySessionManagerObserver, MockCdmEntitySession, MockCdmEntitySessionManager , eu.etaxonomy.taxeditor.cdmlib/src/main/resources/cdmlib-ehcache.xml : added statistics config , getter method for live stats and observer to update when sessions are bound and disposed, SessionsViewPart : added new sessions debug view
MatchStrategyConfigurator : moved to cdmlib
ParseHandler, AbstractMatchingPreferences, NonViralNameMatchingPreference, ReferenceMatchingPreference, TeamOrPersonMatchingPreference : refactored after removal of MatchStrategyConfigurator replaced by enum MatchStrategy

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