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Added by Cherian Mathew almost 6 years ago

ConceptRelationshipComposite: added enabling / disabling of edit / delete buttons and firing event when edit concept relationship dialog is opened
EditConceptRelationshipComposite : fixed problems with async calls , adapted to updated operation class, added show in dialog method
NewTaxonBaseComposite : adapted to updated operation class
StatusComposite : added methods to update taxa table ui
D3ConceptRelationshipTree : added possibility to display one to one relationships
EditConceptRelationshipPresenter, EditConceptRelationshipPresenterTest : added method to get data to setup composite
CdmBaseUI, CdmVaadinSessionUtilities : using new basic events
CdmSpringContextHelper : fixed connection bug by closing connection after getting database metadata
CdmVaadinOperation : fixed problems with async calls
ConceptRelationshipView : setup ui changes for status composite depending on whether it is a primary of secondary composite
d3.conceptrelationshiptree_connector.js : added selected node capability


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