task #7796

Updated by Andreas Müller 4 months ago

There are 13568 name facts of type "Bibliography" (Cat=3).

These are currently attached to the according names as TaxonNameDescription with feature "Citation".

The citations seem to come from ILDIS but the names are also used in 7600000 so they often appear twice.

The Citations currently do not show up in the BM data portal. In CDM they show up as behind the name formatted same as like second nomenclatural references.

Decisions to take:

* Should they show up in the data portal => probably not (see #7796#note-8)
* Depending on this, keep them as TaxonName Citations or make them TaxonName extensions. The later may not show up in the portal by default.


* If keeping them as TaxonNameDescriptions make these available by TaxEditor again
* If extensions, implement extension import (with own feature)


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