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07:09 PM Edit Revision 18840 (edit-svn): 1: areas_pattern.xls
Modified to handle transparency
2: error message in function_rest_gen.php (if missing layer name or column name in th...


08:47 PM Edit Revision 17969 (edit-svn): 1) The scripts do not show PHP error messages (php.ini setting overwri...
2) Handler for custom error messages in function_lib_rest_dev_full.php
3) possibility to specify a destination projec...
04:41 PM Edit Wiki edit: MapRestServiceExamples (#58)


07:18 PM Edit Revision 17245 (edit-svn): handling or 404 error message when coordinates are not numeric
02:45 PM Edit Revision 17239 (edit-svn): Committing bug fixes made on the mapviewer in 2012 and 2013
1: fixing some bugs in exported map in jpeg and png (was not working for all resolutions and format)
2: possibility t...
02:37 PM Edit Revision 17238 (edit-svn): V1.2_dev uodated (Feb 2013):
1:Better handling of transparency
2: Can interact with several external WMS


10:07 PM Edit Revision 13435 (edit-svn): 1) rest_gen.php modified (copied from version 1.2_dev: not a procedura...
2) "function_lib_rest_dev_full.php" and "function_rest_gen.php" (files containing the functions)
10:05 PM Edit Revision 13434 (edit-svn): 1) Update in "function_rest_gen.php": allows both the syntax "l=v:laye...


07:05 PM Edit Revision 12899 (edit-svn): V1.2_dev folder added.
Contains a major improvement: the code of points.php, areas.php and rest_gen.php is now merged in a single function l...


11:37 AM Edit Revision 12860 (edit-svn): Folder "./v1.1" and "./v1.1_dev" added (new release version and develo...

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