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04:18 PM Edit bug #6896 (Worksforme): date selection corrupted
The date selection tool in the details field for media derivatives (and likely other) shows june if july is selected....
04:15 PM Edit bug #6895 (New): specimen tab display
The specimen tab in the portal shows only three of the numerous derivatives (here: media, SEM-Images) attached to a s...


01:17 PM Edit feature request #6865: [DISCUSS] Separator for Code and Accession Number
I agree with Walter, adding a ":" after the herbarium code would be the easiest.


02:00 PM Edit bug #6761 (New): classification/association problems during specimen import
1. When importing specimen via an ABCD import, a new classification is generated instead of using the classification ...
01:52 PM Edit feature request #6760 (New): specimen import configuration
An additional parameter for the ABCD import configuration wizard is needed.
When importing specimen/units into an e...


03:22 PM Edit feature request #6738 (New): create generic icons for specimen editor
Botanical icons are used at the moment.
The need for generic icons also covering other organimsm groups has been str...

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