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02:30 PM Edit Revision 719ac7ab (taxeditor): ref #8475 Add applicability detail element to character details view
10:54 AM Edit Revision 22be3a02 (taxeditor): Update nebula composite table


05:29 PM Edit Revision cf3d9f76 (taxeditor): ref #8475 Create FeatureState in wizard dialog
03:09 PM Edit Revision 593915d2 (taxeditor): ref #8475 First (unstable) implementation of FeatureState details
03:08 PM Edit feature request #8475 (New): Adapt applicable state detail view elements to FeatureState
10:00 AM Edit Revision 73a78654 (cdmlib): ref #8467 add commented code
- un-comment when cloned descriptions can be added to taxon
descriptions as sources


04:09 PM Edit feature request #7597 (Closed): Aggregate and persist descriptions on taxon level
Closing this feature. No review needed as this is still experimental. Follow up ticket #8467
04:08 PM Edit feature request #8467 (New): Save a "snapshot" of the SpecimenDescriptions used for aggregation
When aggregating SpecimenDescriptions to a TaxonDescriptions the SDs used should be cloned and associated as sources ...
02:21 PM Edit bug #8465 (Resolved): Term nodes order in term trees is ignored in term tree editor
Applied in changeset commit:taxeditor|74a9e9d7da34b3e2d6a895a7b091364125c6f648.
02:21 PM Edit Revision 74a9e9d7 (taxeditor): fix #8465 Do not sort term nodes with term tree comparator

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