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02:21 PM Edit Revision f0973bb3 (taxeditor): ref #8011 Enhance term search framework
- added menu to open term search
- filter facets now have an effect on search results


05:51 PM Edit Revision 75caa576 (taxeditor): ref #8011 Add method workflow skeleton to TermSearch
03:29 PM Edit Revision 8785bad2 (taxeditor): ref #8011 Implement initial term search composite
03:28 PM Edit feature request #8011 (New): Implement term search view
Term search view should work like faceted search used on several web searches, like e.g.
* Sear...
02:43 PM Edit Revision f8cdd23e (taxeditor): Refactoring
- created "search" package for search UI classes
02:35 PM Edit Revision e1232fbf (taxeditor): Wrap dropping ontology terms into operation
02:35 PM Edit Revision c1bd0764 (taxeditor): Show error message when loading ontologies fails
01:48 PM Edit feature request #8009 (New): Check if Nebula TextAssist can be used to select categorical data in...
It would be nice to have auto-completion when entering state data in th...
01:42 PM Edit feature request #8008 (New): Use Nebula CheckboxGroup where possible
In some dialogs we have built this functionality on our own.
Maybe we can use the nebula solution to unify the code


03:36 PM Edit feature request #6805: Implement drag and drop from Term Editor (Feature) to FeatureTreeEditor
Andreas Müller wrote:
> When first d&d a term from term editor and then d&d it within the tree editor the UI is not ...

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