Gabriele Dröge

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03:31 PM Edit bug #6303 (Worksforme): distribution map is moving too fast
Works for me, thanks!


12:32 PM Edit feature request #7804 (New): add names of concept relationships as mouse over to synonymy tab
It is hard to remember meanings of all signs of the concept relations. Would be of great help if the name of the rela...


11:18 AM Edit bug #4223: Advanced search returns unexpected results
Works for me in the Corvids test portal now.


02:11 PM Edit bug #6303 (Closed): distribution map is moving too fast
when trying to move the distribution map with the mouse it is moving too fast so I can't drag it to the point I'm loo...
01:52 PM Edit feature request #6302 (New): enable mouseover for distribution map
A mouseover for the distribution map would be very helpful (name of the area displayed). When adding multiple sources...


11:48 AM Edit bug #6285 (New): select list for facts too long for laptop display
Can't scroll down when creating new fact on a laptop, see screenshot. Please reduce size of this selection list.


01:15 PM Edit feature request #6270 (New): Feature Description, customized order, granular references
Requirement: Place References where important.


08:53 PM Edit bug #6269 (Rejected): image vanished in portal
hmm, now it appears suddenly. Sorry, don't know what happened.
08:48 PM Edit bug #6269 (Rejected): image vanished in portal
I've changed the url of a specimen image (Feature->Specimen->Media) and in the EDITor the preview is displayed, but i...


01:02 PM Edit bug #3226: openlayers map google baselayers: api keys rejected
Probably I'm too stupid.
I'm at the test portal, entered the google api key. I selected one of the google maps, bu...

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