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03:30 PM EDIT Revision 8ecd7215 (cdmlib): ref #10178: new methods for normalization of names
Belen Escobari


04:41 PM EDIT feature request #10178 (In Progress): Implement fuzzy name matching
I attach a word file with the summary of the Taxamatching algorithm by Rees.
There are some points that need to b...
Belen Escobari


03:39 PM EDIT Revision 38287f52 (cdmlib): ref #10178: Fuzzy name matching
Belen Escobari


01:21 PM EDIT Revision c8ff40cb (cdmlib): test commened out
Belen Escobari
12:47 PM EDIT feature request #10178: Implement fuzzy name matching
The query is parsed and each part (genus, epithet) will be searched in a database one after each other.
A initial l...
Belen Escobari
12:22 PM EDIT Revision 8e17214d (cdmlib): ref #10178: Fuzzy search implementation
Belen Escobari


11:36 AM EDIT Revision abc6518f (cdmlib): ref #10178: fuzzy name matching
Belen Escobari


02:59 PM EDIT feature request #10178: Implement fuzzy name matching
new methods were included in the classes NameServiceImpl and INameService.
a method calculates the distance among...
Belen Escobari
02:55 PM EDIT Revision 2948f981 (cdmlib): ref #10178: method findingMatchingNames added
Belen Escobari
02:28 PM EDIT Revision 80c3a867 (cdmlib): ref #10178: Fuzzy names. comparison among two names
Belen Escobari

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