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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version Category Tags
9292 feature request New Highest find by name parts search implemented Andreas Kohlbecker 1.4 utis
8394 feature request New Highest org.cybertaxonomy.utis.tnr.msg.TaxonName add URL field Andreas Kohlbecker utis phycobank
8383 feature request Closed Highest Add CORS header Andreas Kohlbecker 1.3 utis
8362 feature request Closed Highest GBIFBackboneClient offers too vast amount of subchecklists Andreas Kohlbecker 1.3 utis
8360 feature request Worksforme Highest paging results of /classification/{taxonId}/children webservice Andreas Kohlbecker utis
8357 feature request Closed Highest implement client adapter for diatom base Andreas Kohlbecker 1.3 utis phycobank
8355 feature request Closed Highest implement client adapter for phycobank Andreas Kohlbecker 1.3 utis phycobank
6213 feature request Resolved New use separate tempfolder per store updater Andreas Kohlbecker 1.3 utis
6189 feature request Closed New Client adapter for Plazi treatment database Andreas Kohlbecker utis
6156 feature request Closed New implement service to resolve the taxonomic parents of a taxon Andreas Kohlbecker utis
6155 feature request Closed New hide the empty higherClassification property from the taxon object serialization Andreas Kohlbecker utis
6154 feature request Closed New optional inclusion of the parentTaxon into the search responses Andreas Kohlbecker utis
6149 feature request Closed New EUNIS: periodically update local EEA data Andreas Kohlbecker utis
6148 feature request Closed New generate java client api based on swagger data Andreas Kohlbecker utis
6147 feature request Closed New EUNIS: use offline rdf as suggested by EEA Andreas Kohlbecker utis
6145 feature request Closed New provide data on direct taxonomic children of a taxa Andreas Kohlbecker utis
6144 feature request Closed New the classsification object is not reflecting all possible ranks Andreas Kohlbecker utis
6143 feature request Closed New Classification.clazz should be serialized as class Andreas Kohlbecker utis
6142 feature request Closed New vernacular name search Andreas Kohlbecker utis
6141 feature request Closed New search with wildcard (like search) possible Andreas Kohlbecker utis
6140 feature request Closed New Create Terms of Service page and link it Andreas Kohlbecker utis

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