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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version Category Tags
8525 bug New New search for infraspecific name not working as expected Andreas Kohlbecker
8524 bug New Highest classification service not working with AbstractCdmServerClient Andreas Kohlbecker 1.3
8523 bug Closed Highest add taxonuuid to name webservice for cdm providers Andreas Kohlbecker
8497 bug Closed Highest NullPointerException (NPE) in AbstractCdmServerClient.generateTaxon() Andreas Kohlbecker 1.3 utis
8401 bug Closed Highest WoRMS client returns synonym for accepted name Andreas Kohlbecker 1.3 utis phycobank
8400 bug Closed Highest scientific names in Aphia client responses are missing authors citation Andreas Kohlbecker 1.3 utis phycobank
8393 bug New Highest restarting utis-webapp causes OverlappingFileLockException Andreas Kohlbecker utis
6246 bug New Highest swagger-ui misses details information Andreas Kohlbecker utis
6212 bug In Progress New api info incomplete in new swagger-ui utis
6153 bug Closed New NPE during classification/{uuid}/parent request Andreas Kohlbecker utis
6152 bug Closed New Classification incomplete in WoRMS taxa Andreas Kohlbecker utis
6151 bug Closed Highest implement pager for search service Andreas Kohlbecker 1.3 utis phycobank
6150 bug Closed New missing and wrongly maped data in EEA_BDC_Client resonses Andreas Kohlbecker utis
6146 bug New Priority07 The checklist details of the Response object are missing in xml responses Andreas Kohlbecker utis
6139 bug Closed New NPE in Andreas Kohlbecker utis

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