Zoolocical Adaptation

The Berlin Model was developed for botanical data initially. Zoological and botanical data are surprisingly similar though and even the lates nomenclatural codes ( [ICZN](,[ICBN": do not diverge too much. The "BioCODE]( give a good overview of all coes too.

The zoological adaptation has partly been done, but zoological requirements are still not known completely.

Zoological requirements
  • change the formatting routine for names so that:

  • authors are not abbreviated

  • the authorstring contains the year of publication (preferably provided by the nomencl.reference)

  • NOT DONE: display subgenus in paranethesis between genus and species epitheton

  • changes to webeditor forms

  • hybrid name forms hidden rarely needed in zoology

  • ex-(basionym)authors are not needed

  • use different or additional terminology for:

  • NameRelations

  • TaxonRelations

  • NomenclaturalStatus (Remark: In the Diptera database (and OSF?) nomenclatural status and name relations are combined. In the Diptera database "synonym" is a status,"nomen nudum" another. The relationship between names is only expressed by citing the original name as well as the valid name)

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