Vibrant Index Interface

Skype Meeting, ViBRANT Index Issues, (Anton, Andreas M., Andreas K., Lorna) 31.5.2012

How do we display links for Misapplied names in the VIBRANT search index?

  • A distinct name can have more than one status (e.g. Misapplied name, Accepted Taxon) in a single multi-classification source. Currently the VIBRANT index doesn't indicate which Taxa the name is misapplied for. Thus status should be applied to a Taxon Relationship rather than the Taxon itself.

  • Longer-term solution: Discuss re-modelling the CDM. Misapplied name is the status of a Taxon Relationship not a Taxon. Misapplied names are currently handled the same as Accepted Taxa in the CDM. They should be handled differently. Changing the model will impact the taxonomic Editor and other software. Updating the model may be useful for the Redlist project.

  • Shorter-term-solution: Change the interface to direct the user to the available information. If we have a Taxon without a classification id then we could report the source as 'Misapplied name'.However there could be several reasons why the Taxon is not attached to a classification so 'Other status' may be more appropriate. Another solution is to show concept relationships in the interface, therefore even if we keep status 'Accepted' for Misapplied names it makes the status clearer (see below).

Should we show Concept Relationships in the user interface?

  • IOPI shows Concept Relationships (Misapplied Names are shown as Accepted for a given Concept).

  • The service method we use to extract the data from the CDM returns all Taxon relationships for a given Taxon, therefore we could display this information in the user interface.

  • Solution: Display multiple URLs (e.g. to the "Accepted Taxa" of a Misapplied Name) for cases where the Taxon has multiple concept relationships.

What is meant by Source and what should we display in the Interface?

  • Currently the VIBRANT index interface shows the sec reference as source. We agree that the sec reference should always be displayed (and labelled such). A Taxon concept can have multiple sources. Currently in the CDM a Taxon name can have set of sources. For the index we want to display the last source in our interface but distinguishing the last source in the CDM is currently not possible.

  • Short-term solution: The import gives a title for the source e.g. Euro+Med (for the current data remove all sources but the last and show it)

  • Longer-term solution: Re-model the CDM. Change the set of sources to a sequence of sources. The problem is that we don't always have this information. And further complexity can arise when 2 sources are merged. A simpler solution is to just add a flag 'last source' when we don't know the sequence.

What should we display in the link to each source?

  • Andreas K suggests we map URL's to human readable strings. URL's don't always have a human readable component so we can't always parse this, but sources do have a title so we can display this for the link. In most cases there is only one source. In cases where there are multiple sources we should show a list of links to sources (labelled as either 'Source history' or 'Contributing Sources').

  • Longer-term solution: Re-model the CDM. Currently the URL is added to the Taxon. We should add the URL to the Source.

What should we display for Status?

  • Currently we are using Taxon, Synonym for the status (the class name from the CDM). Should Taxon be chnaged to 'Accepted Taxon'. We've decided to use "Accepted" as in PESI. In the cases where the name is Accepted and Misapplied in a single source, we will also provide this information as described above.

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