BfN use case - Herr Ludwig uses the WebEditor for the concept-rich Reference List of German Mosses

Concept relations

  • view conceptually related taxa in other treatments via a link to external taxon browser

  • do not provide the ability to edit potential taxa whose reference is not that of the current treatment

Nomenclatural fields

  • make no distinction between a reference *and a reference used as a treatment*

  • do not allow normal user to edit name info when the name is used by more than one potential taxon

  • in the case of the BfN "Referenzliste der Moose Deutschlands", the majority of cases where the editing of names was disallowed were because the potential taxa had been created for concept synonymy - could references created solely for concept relations be given special status?

  • for BfN users, remove in the WebEditor the restriction on editing names used by more than one taxon / reference_ _

  • the above led Herr Ludwig from BfN to question whether certain fields classified in the Berlin Model as nomenclatural were not more correctly associated with a treatment / reference, and thusly editable by someone with permission to edit that treatment:

  • Nomenclatural Status (which does indeed use this (i.e. "fide ..."), although this has been inconsistently implemented),

  • Name Note, and

  • Nomenclatural Reference

  • according to Herr Ludwig, only a name (Epitheta, Rank, and Author) truly exists outside the context of a treatment

Implicit relations

  • do not calculate and display implicit relations - i.e., the grouping of heterotypic synonyms, implied basionymy

  • Herr Ludwig would like this changed

WebEditor / Interface

  • change synonymy type on the same page where a synonym's name is edited

  • Herr Ludwig claims that synonymy type - i.e. the relations between potential taxa - should be more transparently easy to change; this is indeed just a click or two away in the current web editor, but not especially transparent to a new user

  • do not allow user to change ranks or delete names that have mistakenly landed in the database

  • Herr Ludwig would like this changed


Probably outside the scope of this use case but noted for posterity. Additionally, BfN would like:

  • "export to Word" functionality

  • a model for distribution data à la Euro+Med, and

  • an XML-(TCS?-)-export function

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