WP6 Cichorieae UseCase

Use Case Scenarios

Initial import of data from a existing database

Workflow Steps

  1. Partial import of existing Database (e.g. Euro+Med)

( Import of names: the source of the name itself and of the protolog may be different, the current version of the berlin model however does not support the assignment of source references for name facts! )

  1. Complementation of synonyms etc. based on literature and online sources like e.g. IPNI
  • Each entry taken from an online data source is revised and crosschecked against literature
  1. Start of revision

Import of External Treatment

An expert may have a separate treatment on a taxonomic group which is to be imported into the database.

This treatment is stored in a special file format (Word, Excel ...) or exists as database (Access or other) .

Start a new revision of a genus based on the existing WP6 Cichorieae database

Import of Fact Contributions

A. Import of occurrences data

 => requires creation of new taxon concepts if the identification of the taxa is based on literature which is not jet covered by existing concepts

B. Image / Media Collections

C. Common names

D. Pollen data

E. Cytological data

F. ... other facts

Proposal Submission

Registered taxonomists are granted to submit proposals for a revision of a subset of the taxa.

  1. The registered taxonomists request a copy of the data subset to be revised.
  • Revision of the taxa.
  1. Submission of the final revision as proposals to WP6 Cichorieae.

  2. Peer review of the submission

    Currently no decision has been made if the peer review process will be public or closed.

    A public peer review process would be made visible to the public by a website where

    all comments on the revision are published.

    Besides the registered users the publicity also has the opportunity to state comments on

    the submitted revision.

    It is considered to use a web base discussion platform like a forum, Wiki, Blog etc.

    Currently discussions are taking place in emails.

Permissions & Roles

This section lists those roles which are required to process the scenarios sketched above.

The roles are ordered with decreasing might.

  1. Anonymous Guest
 - can view published data

 - can request for contribution
  1. Registered Contributors
 - Submission of **Fact Contributions** which do not need to be peer reviewed,

but relations to names & taxon concepts have to be revised by a

Registered Taxonomist or Editorial Board Member.

  1. Registered Taxonomists
 - can submit new proposals
  1. Editorial Board Members
 - can accept new proposals

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