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Cherian Mathew, 11/12/2012 11:18 AM


The current version (v2.5.1) of the Ulteo OVD server in use at cdmeditor does not seem to function correctly when accessed via browsers installed with Java plugins 1.7.xx.

The reason for the error seems to be a check in the Ulteo OVD server version v2.5.1, which rejects any Java JVM or Plugin which does not originate from the vendors 'Apple' or 'Sun Microsystems'.

Falling back to earlier versions of the Java plugin may solve the problem, but this is not recommended due to a major security bug fix as described here


Symptoms of this problem could be,

  • an error message "err01 no java" instead of the "Log In" button.

  • a java security error after the user has logged in succesfully logged in

  • a blank white screen with no information after the user has logged in succesfully logged in


Initial tests have shown that this problem exists on Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome (other browsers have not yet been tested).

Possible workarounds for the various browsers are described below,


A possible workaround is to 'reset Firefox' as described here here Please note that even though Firefox mentions that it saves the bookmarks, it would be safe to back them up in any case.

It may happen that you still see the "err01 no java" symptom after the reset, but hitting the 'Enter' key should log you in.

Internet Explorer

No workaround yet.


No workaround yet.

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