Instructions for manual deployment of a Taxonomic Editor update to the p2 site

  1. Update version numbers

In the plugin.xml files for:

  • taxeditor-application
  • taxeditor-bulkeditor
  • taxeditor-editor
  • taxeditor-navigation
  • taxeditor-store

and the feature.xml files for:

  • taxeditor-feature
  • taxeditor-feature-dependencies

update the version number, using the format "2.0.0.v20090617-1416" (Version 2.0.0, 16 Jun 2009 at 14:16).

  1. Synchronize versions - In taxeditor-feature/feature.xml, choose the "Plug-ins" tab. Click on the "Versions ..." button and choose "Copy versions from plug-in and fragment manifests".
  2. Update dependencies - If any Eclipse libraries have been added since the last update, in taxeditor-feature-dependencies/feature.xml under the "Plug-ins" tab, make sure the library is in the Plug-ins and Fragments list.
  3. Add features to update site - In taxeditor-updateSite/site.xml, under the tab "Site Map", first remove existing entries from the "Taxonomic Editor" node, then add the feature @eu.etaxonomy.taxeditorwith the latest version number. Do the same under the "Cdm Library" node for the latest version of the featureeu.etaxonomy.cdmLibrary`. Finally, click the button "Build All ...".
  4. Upload to update server - From ECLIPSE_WORKSPACE/taxeditor-updateSite/, upload the contents of
  • site.xml
  • features/
  • plugin/

to /var/www/ on The update site is

NOTE: when creating a product, in taxeditor-application/TaxEditor.product, under the "Configuration" tab, remove then re-add the eu.etaxonomy.taxeditor feature to make sure the version is correct.


The most common problem you will run into is missing bundles. However it is not always obvious what bundle is really missing and most likely it is not the bundle stated in the log file but some other bundle the logged bundle depends on.

You can find an excellent description on how to deal with missing bundles here:

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