TaxonX - Marking up taxonomic literature

TaxonX seems most promising because of its flexibility and simplicity for marking up taxonomic literature. For other document based standards see wiki:TaxonomicDataStandards#Documentbasedformats. We like to explore the potential and problems of TaxonX on this ssite a bit, listing as many existing TaxonX documents with their original source as possible.



When evaluating GoldenGate WP6 evaluated TaxonX too.

The problems listed here might be solvable by introducing new tags into TaxonX, probably from a separate (EDIT) namespace.

Synonymy type missing

TaxonX seems to have no way to markup the kind of synonymy that is being described

Example Documents

Ants of Madagascar

XML Documents of the Ants of Madagascar: source, OCR, taxonx version

American Museum Novitates 1081, Odonata


Single species treatments from a book

Single species treatment from a journal article

Multiple species treatment from a journal article

Single genus treatment from a book

Some comments about taxonX: aboutTaxonX.doc

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