|RelID|Botanical Term|Zoological Term|
|-99|inactivated --> is taxonomically included in| |
|1|is taxonomically included in| |
|2|is synonym of| |
|3|is misapplied name for| |
|4|is pro parte synonym of| |
|5|is partial synonym of| |
|6|is heterotypic synonym of|is subjective synonym of|
|7|is homotypic synonym of|is objective synonym of|
|8|is invalid designation for| |
|101|is pro parte and homotypic synonym of|is pro parte and objective synonym of|
|102|is pro parte and heterotypic synonym of|is pro parte and subjective synonym of|
|103|is partial and homotypic synonym of|is partial and objective synonym of|
|104|is partial and heterotypic synonym of|is partial and subjective synonym of|

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